3 Spreadsheets Ready for Excellent Financial Control

Internet offers a multitude of features for financial control. However, many of these materials lack quality, causing the user to download bad and potentially dangerous files.

But what is the benefit of using spreadsheets to track finances? In today’s post, we will explain more about this control method and, at the end, we will indicate 3 spreadsheets ready for you to download and put the beads on the tip of the pencil as soon as possible. Check-out!

Benefits of Tracking Expenses in Ready Spreadsheets

Awareness raising and self management

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One of the big problems with family finances is that many expenses are made impulsively. This way, you will be missing your budget without even realizing it. Over time, the money for bills starts to run out and you don’t even understand why.

With spreadsheets, you begin to understand your spending habits and, at the moment of an impulsive purchase, you can control yourself, as you will be more aware of future damage.

Greater possibility of cost cutting

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If you are always on a tight budget and would like to change that situation, then the spreadsheets are ideal. They offer a breakdown of spending so you know exactly what you can do. open hand to reach other goals!

Objective-focused planning

Objective-focused planning

It may happen that every year you plan a trip or purchase of a product to give yourself, but never have enough money on the expected date. By controlling your superfluous monthly expenses, you will be able to collect that money for the dream trip.

Suggested Spreadsheets Suggestions

1. Loverspa’s personal financial control

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It is a very interesting and very simple tool, made for the preparation of a monthly budget. It contains most of the items and categories that make up the daily financial life of a middle class family:

  • In the income, there are spaces for salaries, vacation, 13th, pensions, overtime and rents;
  • Expenditures are subdivided into categories to assist with cost cutting and more rational budgeting:
    • Fixed: same amount monthly;
    • Variables: They happen every month, but we can reduce them;
    • Extras: These are extraordinary expenses, but we must be prepared when they eat;
    • Additional: They do not need to occur every month.
  • Investments are also subdivided, but among shares, fixed income, private pension, direct treasury and others.

2. Family Financial Control MCDrosenio

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The design of this spreadsheet is not the best, but it does contain an accurate breakdown of family spending categories (even dog food has!). As she is focused on expenses, she will help you understand the unnecessary items that drain your expenses monthly!

Its big advantage is in the second tab, where you can add daily your daily expenses with supermarket, lunch, veterinary, appliances, etc. If you have some knowledge of Excel, you can still adapt it to your reality!

But it is not very detailed in terms of income and investments, so you can do the extra work of manually adding up all your expenses and income!

3. Silver Line Finance Spreadsheet

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It’s very interesting for daily family control. Like the others, this worksheet contains a complete breakdown of daily expenses and most frequent revenues. However, it offers the disadvantage of not having space to enter investments.

The differential of this spreadsheet is the automatic generation of charts, which can visually inform you the percentage of each type of expense in your budget. In addition, it generates a graph following the evolution of its expenses, revenues and monthly balance during the year.

Of course! If you want something automatic, Hailey Famp is the right option for you. The app pulls all movements from your bank accounts and already classifies them into spending categories. So now you will have no more excuse to delay once again your family’s spending control! Use one of these ready-made spreadsheets and get out of the choke!

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