60 percent fewer Covid deaths since a new medical team took over | News extra


According to Dr. Tim Gopeesingh last night regarding an increase in COVID-19 deaths related to Couva Hospital, CEO Davlin Thomas announced that the new team of NCRHA doctors at the Couva facility saw a 60 percent decrease in deaths and an increase in Layoffs by 25 percent in the past eight days.

“The North Central Regional Health Authority is pursuing a strategy of structured and continuous improvement with a systems approach that implies that we are approaching the situation with synthesis and holism, rather than silos and reductionism.” CEO Davlin Thomas announced in a press release on Saturday morning .

Thomas, whose master’s thesis focused on “improving quality” on a platform of “organizational transformation processes”, stated that the agency is committed to improving patient care and that this is always the driving and motivating force behind the ethos of the organization.

In a media release on Friday, Gopeesingh said the “unacceptable, alarming daily increase in COVID-19-related deaths in Trinidad and Tobago deserves immediate attention” from Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley and Secretary of Health Terrence Deyalsingh.

“So far this month of May alone there have been over 260 COVID-19-related deaths out of a total of 440 during this pandemic. This is one of the worst cases of COVID-19-related death per million people in the world. This sudden surge raises serious questions for the Minister of Health to answer. It is up to him to immediately and urgently commission an independent investigation into the deaths of COVID-19 patients, especially for the month of May 2021, “said Gopeesingh.

Gopeesingh said he wanted to see if there was a link between these COVID-19 deaths and the questionable recent relocation of six highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced doctors (counselors) to Couva Hospital.

“Is the quality of patient care at Couva Hospital therefore severely impaired, with fatal consequences for innocent COVID-19 infected patients?”

In response, Thomas said, “The Couva facility’s medical team has done a phenomenal job. The numbers speak for themselves. The 60 percent reduction in the death rate is exceptional. This experienced and highly qualified multidisciplinary team has also achieved a 25 percent increase in layoffs with almost full bed occupancy. I am very happy with the work and the service that is offered there. The impact on what we see in the current data is significant and extremely encouraging, ”said Thomas.

In the press release, Dr. Ravi Lalla, chief medical officer, cited the importance of having a specialized team with diverse clinical expertise working with COVID-19 patients and the critical role it has played in providing improved rates for the benefit of patients in the facility.

“The team managed to filter out the noise and take up the fight to save lives with everything we have. Our team is committed to this cause. It’s a collective effort systematically built on the contributions of each part to the whole – the cardiologist, the emergency physician, the critical care practitioners, the nurses, the patient care providers, the technicians, the administrative staff have all come together to protect and protect the life of everyone individual patient. It takes the effort of all of us to save one … and we are determined to do whatever we can to ensure that no one dies and that every patient is given the best chance not only of survival … but of recovery with a high quality of life, ”explained Lalla.

Health Director Dr. Malachy Ojuro praised the team’s efforts.

“Our goal is to protect, care for and save lives. No compromises, ”repeated Dr. Ojuro. “I would like to thank the team for their commitment and their sacrifices. We are still very focused. “


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