5 authentic experiences to help you discover Chile



Traveling is about more than just visiting these tourist attractions; It’s about having authentic experiences that connect you to a new part of the world, a different culture and different peoples. Travel can expand your mind, broaden your perspectives, and help you create lasting memories and relationships.

Chile, with its people almost as diverse as its landscape, is a great destination to experience the uniqueness of the world. From the Andes to the Antarctic, this country is truly one to be explored in a unique way.


In the north of the country is the “Garden of the Atacama”, the Huasco Valley. A trip to this region will lead you to an exploration of the region’s most important harvest, olives, brought back by the Spanish when the region was first colonized. The area offers numerous eco and agrotourism options along the Olive Route, including orchards and olive tasting demonstrations.

More than 100 years old olive trees along the Route of the Olives in the Atacama, Chile (Photo via Chile)

Visitors to this area will also learn about the Diaguita culture. A trip into the wild offers some of the most incredible stargazing opportunities, and the Huasco Valley is also home to Llanos de Challe Park, which is not to be missed.

South of central Chile is the Laguna del Laja World Biosphere Reserve. In this reserve is Ecobox Andino, a mountain hut with four huts that run on sustainable energy and reduce their environmental impact. Whether you are touring Chile and only staying a few days before heading back out, or if you take the time to reflect on your wooded surroundings, staying at Ecobox Andino is a great option for sustainable travel .

A true cultural experience is in the mountains, not far from Santiago, the Route of Living Treasures. As a collaboration between the local communities, the residents of the route welcome travelers on their way on horseback or mule. Each guide will teach you how to look after your mount and how to lead your way through the hill country by the stars. Cultural immersion and sustainable travel are highlights of this experience.

The island of Chiloe is the second largest in South America and has a unique culture. Castro, the island’s capital, is the perfect place for anyone looking to explore and immerse themselves in something completely different. Visitors to the island can enjoy the Castro farmers market before attending a cooking class where a chef teaches them how to prepare the island’s signature dishes.

Graceful guanaco silhouette on Lake Pehoe (Photo via kavram / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
A graceful guanaco overlooking Lake Pehoe, Chile. (Photo via kavram / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

One of the most popular places in Chile is the Patagonia region, known for its penguins and glacial topography. If you want to get as close as possible to the landscape and its animals, stay at Ecocamp, the world’s first CO2-neutral geodesic dome hotel, which is located deep in the Torres del Paine National Park. Built by the local Káweskar, sustainability is at the fore at this property, which also offers excursions to maximize your experience.

Responsible travel in Chile is easy, and these five experiences are just some of the incredible experiences this South American country has to offer its visitors.

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