Letter to the Editor: “Managing” the Biosphere an Exercise in Denial | Letters


Denial does not give way to sanity, but is only questioned when its negative effects outweigh the emotional relief it offers. The Forest Service is presenting its proposed deforestation of old growth in Brackett Creek, near Fairy Lake, around the Kirk Hill Loop Trail and north of Hebgen Lake. With outdated, decade-old standards for environmental assessment, the agency complies in Their determination to clear these areas does not meet the requirements of NEPA, the National Environmental Policy Act. Climate change, biodiversity and aesthetic splendor are neglected in this plan.

The FS wants the public to believe that its actions will reduce the impact of forest fires. This is indeed an increasingly used ploy by the Agency and many politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike. The science is clear, however. With massive species extinctions occurring around the world, the loss of plant and animal biodiversity and the integrity of the ecosystem, a shockingly growing human population and a worryingly warming climate, we know that the biosphere must continue to be “managed” without the complex and Looking at multifaceted image is an exercise in massive denial.

People have to open up to express themselves, to express themselves and to say, “No more business as usual”. The world and our southwestern Montana must get their heads out of the sand and end our attempt at disaster. An end to state and social denial and the acceptance of a changed society give us a chance.


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