New Santa Ana | The Santa Ana Poem of the Week is “Tears of Osiris” by J. Martin Strangeweather


The· Santa Ana Literary Association This year we will publish new poems by local poets every week. This week’s poem is “Osiris tears“Along J. Martin Strange weather..

Osiris tears

Along: J. Martin Strange weather

Take one of the basic creation threads, stretch it forever, and place the tripwire. Then wait patiently. It may take infinity or two, but in the end something comes in and lets the mechanics show up, which is what causes the formation of the universe. It cools the newly created universe for a brief moment, then distorts the remaining matter from the antimatter and adjusts the force of gravity. Adjust the frequency setting until you find stable electromagnetic effects. The settings can vary from universe to universe. After the cosmological foundation has stabilized, calibrate the energy distribution matrix to E = mc2 and set the subatomic particles aside for about 500 million years to give the mixture enough time to solidify into stars and galaxies. As soon as the first batch of stars develops into a supernova, stir the rest of the elements, stir up the universe for another 10 billion years and sometimes look for signs of life. Remember that in order to destroy it, you must first create an enemy. When programming rudimentary biological algorithms, it is important not to confuse DNA code with RNA code. Even in the early stages of biosphere construction, be careful not to confuse the greenish-blue-green algae button with a bluish-green mold button or the purple wire with an ultraviolet wire. In general, avoid crossing wires. The early development of life requires a state of hell. You were born from a sea of ​​magma, a river of fire in Hell, a great earthquake and a noxious cloud of sulfuric acid. Once the early multicellular organisms have taken shape, they plunge the biosphere into primitive horror for two to three billion years. Evolution can vary from biosphere to biosphere. The first sign of civilization, greedy and shameful. Wait about 10,000 years for modernization, then slaughter 11 million Indians, exterminate 6 million Jews, execute 2 million Cambodians and 1 million Armenians. Kill 800,000 Rwandans, annihilate 700,000 Native Americans, and drop two atoms. A bomb that wipes out 200,000 Japanese citizens. It is purposely starving 15 million Hindus, 3 million North Koreans and 1 million Tibetans. All humans fully understand that they are created equal and enslave 3 million Africans in the name of life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Collect the blood and tears resulting from these atrocities, use cursed fluids to avoid humanity’s collective unconscious for seven to ten generations and all thoughts until irreparable psychogenetic damage occurs. , Transform all utterances, all perceptions into giants and create a zombie world, the radioactive ocean under the X-ray sky, everything you touch … contaminated … so small invisible monsters. Increase dishonesty to 1 billion raises per second, chant “Fragrant lotus only grows from swamp mud,” and look for mass extinctions frequently in the hope that all of the sour grapes will rot and turn into wine. Do.

J. Martin Strange weather He is the CEO and Oneiric Director of Thaumaturgical Research of the Santa Ana Literary Society. Born and raised in Santa Anna, Strangeweather has spent most of his life studying arts, theology, philosophy and physics (with an emphasis on relativity and quantum mechanics). Life is like this: 1. We should all try to be a little friendly. 2. We should all try to be a little more patient. 3. We should all try to be a little more lenient.

New Santa Ana | The Santa Ana poem of the week is “Tears of Osiris” by J. Martin Strangeweather Source link New Santa Ana | The Santa Ana Poem of the Week is “Tears of Osiris” by J. Martin Strangeweather


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