The world’s first underwater farm reopens the cultivation of lettuce and strawberries


The world’s first underwater farm called “Nemo’s Garden” has just started producing fruit and vegetables again after a particularly long break.

A unique structure consisting of six underwater greenhouses off the coast of Noli, Italy was created by the Ocean Reef Group in 2012. Step by step, the project began to obtain different herbs such as basil, different types of lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, beans, green peas, aloe vera, mushrooms and strawberries.

“Every year we discover new uses for the biosphere,” says Gianni Fontanesi, project coordinator at Nemo’s garden. These include ecotourism, fish farming, algae farming or as scientific research laboratories or underwater stations for monitoring wildlife research.

In October 2019, the project suffered severe storm damage.

It was very close to being stopped altogether. The team worked to breathe new life into the six underwater air-filled pods anchored to the ocean floor to keep the farm running.

But soon another challenge loomed. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they had to leave the habitat unguarded for months.

However, the structure was unguarded to itself and the farm was just reopening, more resilient than ever.

Click the video above to see how plants are produced underwater.


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