Valley Stewardship Network launches “Plant Native for Biodiversity” initiative | news


“Plant Native for Biodiversity” is the name of the new initiative of the Valley Stewardship Network (VSN). The aim of this program is to encourage people to incorporate native plants into their gardens, rural areas and farms.

The benefits of native plants include building sustainability, restoring ecosystem services, and increasing the region’s biodiversity. A native plant is a plant that has evolved over millions of years along with all other organisms in a particular region. The ecological sustainability of a region depends on the conservation of the populations of native plants and animals in a particular region, with identified “key species” being particularly important. After all, it is these complex and co-evolving interactions between species that are essential to viable food webs that support biodiversity.

As part of this initiative, VSN will host a variety of programs and workshops; Develop resources to support local gardeners, farmers and suppliers; and invite members of the community to join a group to share information on the topic. Businesses are invited to sponsor this initiative, which is part of a larger biodiversity building program currently running at VSN. Businesses are given stickers to stick in their windows, featured in literature and social media, and advertised in VSN programs.

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