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Italian artist Gola Hundun recently completed his newest mural in Milan, Italy during the INNESCHI festival. The project is dedicated to universal cyclical movement. The composition is based on a central element identified as cosmic energy, a solar force that unfolds centrifugally.

Leaves are painted as if they were part of a fire explosion that follow the movement and make it grow, which consequently creates new ones, incorporating other celestial bodies that are depicted on the adjacent facades and symbolically return to the central sun in an eternal cyclical movement. The three stars represent the three circles of the Celtic Triskele.

The movement depicted overcomes its two-dimensionality and becomes real, physical and tangible through the call of the avifauna, invited to participate in the universal movement through the installation of clay nests that I realized with the citizens of Vimodrone according to the needs of the species of birds of the of LIPU Milano indicated area.

The overall composition includes some endemic plants (useful for insects) and some grasses, bushes, hornbeams, dogwoods, hazelnuts, hawthorns and an English oak placed in an axis with the tree painted on the wall. The tree of life depicted is the same one found in monotheistic or rather pagan religions. The two trees are set in two movements: the painted one is crystallized, while the real tree inexorably grows back.

The mural is gradually obscured by the growing vegetation that is laid as a curtain – representing time. The work of art can place itself in the eternal cycle of life, so it cannot be defined as done due to its susceptibility to the universal movement of existence.

Gola Hundun’s work shows the relationship between humans and the biosphere. This consideration, combined with the conscious decision to have been vegetarian since the age of 16, brings the artist and his work closer to the animal and human spheres. He explores topics such as interspecies communication, shamanism, ecology, return to earth, vegetarianism and spirituality.

Below are more photos of “convection movements”.


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