These hot dog rounds are perhaps the most polarizing barbecue food


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Ah, the age-old question: is a hot dog a sandwich? If you said no, does your answer change if the hot dog is in the shape of a hamburger patty and served on a bun? Because that’s a thing now.

your name is Hot dog rounds, and the world doesn’t need them, but the world is fascinating. It’s confusing, it’s strange, it’s … genius?

Image credit: QVC

Image credit: QVC

Hot dog rounds come from the New Jersey butcher Rastelliswho claims the flatter surface holds spices better and creates more caramelization on the grill.

“We set out to improve the hot dog,” says Rastelli’s said Fox News. “Like many people, our customers were used to slicing their hot dog in half before grilling to increase the surface area for caramelization and flavor.”

Some people quickly compared the hot dog rounds to bologna, which is essentially thinly sliced ​​hot dog meat. However, Rastelli says his hot dog rounds are different because they are Black Angus Beef and Premium Porkthat they smoke with a wood mixture and then refine in the oven.

Rastelli’s hot dog rounds, $ 34 +

Image credit: Rastellis

Image credit: Rastellis

Buy it now at Rastelli

Buy now from QVC

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be in New Jersey to try these babies out either. Rastellis ships nationwide, but you can too Get them online at QVC. You can get a 16-pack of the 3-ounce hot dog rounds for just $ 34 or a 24-pack for $ 50 on Rastellis WebIte (Shipping costs 25 €). Or, get a 24-pack from QVC for $ 78.66 plus free shipping.

One could argue that hot dog rounds are the perfect grill dish to freak out your friends and then impress them with the first bite. And now all you have to do is buy one type of bread roll if you want to serve hamburgers too! Oh, the many advantages.

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