RELIGION NOTES: Aug 28-Sep. 5 events: Annual worship festival with live music, food and a bouncy castle in the First Christian Church, Saturday; Canlelight vigil in First-Plymouth on Sunday; God’s Garden in First-Plymouth every Sunday; Garden for the community “Sharing Table” in the Lukaskirche, on Sundays | Beliefs and values


FoodNet in the SouthPointe Christian Church – 5.30 p.m. (Wednesday). Anyone in need is welcome, and volunteers are also welcome to help, 7010 Helen Witt Drive.

Friends Book Club: Unity Lincoln – 6 p.m. (Tuesdays). “The Time Is Now,” by Sister Joan Chittister, 1941 N. 68th St., Please call ahead at 402-476-6887.

Garden for the community: “Sharing Table” – Sundays 9: 45-10: 45 a.m. Come and get items from the garden, products are available for anyone in need. Share of the harvest, first come, first served while supplies last, St. Luke United Methodist Church, 1621 Superior St.,

Church of God in First-Plymouth Church – Sundays from 9.30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Please donate your own products, plants and flowers from your gardens, or come by and purchase plants or products that benefit the Sustainable Living Service in the Courtyard, First-Plymouth, 2000 D St.

Mourning group in the Markuskirche – Saturdays at 2:30 p.m. This is a safe place to share with others who have similar problems and feelings, and to learn the tools to effectively manage the grieving process. Everyone is welcome to Vermeer Education Center, 8550 Pioneers Blvd.

Lincoln 21st Century Lions Club Hoopla Apparel and Household Sales – 10 am-3pm August 28th. Fill a grocery bag with items for $ 5, Free Children’s Eye Exam, Funds for the Needy in the Community, Parking Lot, 2600 N. 70th St.


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