Immunity and security through holism, ambient intelligence, triangulation and stigmergy: the sensitivity analysis confronts fake news and COVID-19 with open-set transduction


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J Ambient Intell Humaniz Comput. 2021 Aug. 21: 1-18. doi: 10.1007 / s12652-021-03434-z. Online before printing.


This paper introduces a multi-faceted security methodology based on Holism, Ambient Intelligence, Triangulation and Stigmergy (HATS) to combat the spread of current pandemics such as fake news and COVID-19. HATS leverages the apparent complementarity and similarity of physical and psychological pandemics through adversarial learning and transduction to promote immunity through both conformal prediction and principled symbiosis. As such, HATS encounters both psychological and physical adversity found in misinformation and disinformation. It confers herd immunity through holism and triangulation, which benefit sensitivity analysis with open-set transduction and meta-argumentation. Ambient intelligence and stigmergy further convey meta-argumentation and re-identification in building and sharing immunity. Since change is constant and everything is fluid, since truth is not always reality and reality is not always truth, and since truth is imponderable and lies can become truth, two things must happen. First, reconditioning and reconfiguration employ random deficiencies to distinguish familiarity from strangeness and A-typicity. Second, transfer learning with the help of transadaptation and transposition serves for adaptation and interoperability. Together, this enables open-set transduction to address adaptive lingering threats such as deception and denial when the defenses of moving targets are activated through modification and de-identification. Immunology and security also come together by taking advantage of the coupling of active and adversarial learning.

PMID:34457079 | PMC:PMC8379598 | DOI:10.1007 / s12652-021-03434-z

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