Hong Kong and Swiss investors say “ecological blockchain” startups are the future


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Investors in Hong Kong and Zurich have teamed up to support the emerging “ecological blockchain” industry through a new joint venture called Sphere. It will focus solely on supporting ESG-oriented startups that use blockchain technology to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from clean energy to responsible manufacturing.

Sphere wants to support the emerging ecological blockchain sector. The new joint Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) was launched by Tavis Digital, headquartered in Zurich, and Sonic Capital, headquartered in Hong Kong, and aims to invest in startups that “repurpose” the blockchain to save the planet.

Repurpose blockchain for the planet

“While the media is fixated on moonshots and popular tokens, new projects have a measurable impact on society and the environment,” says Sphere. “A new generation of companies is developing the infrastructure for this emerging economy.”

And it is precisely in these companies that Sphere wants to invest. It is led by Sonics Stefan Rust, who previously ran Bitcoin.com as CEO, together with Alyssa Aaron and Tavis’ Dr. Bernhard Vogeli, Christian Speckhardt and Rene Schmidli.

“We firmly believe in the potential and the future of impact-relevant blockchain technology applications,” says Speckhardt. “Sphere primarily supports blockchain companies fighting climate change by developing solutions that focus on carbon mitigation and climate adaptation.”

How it chooses which clean energy infrastructures and which application layer tokens to invest in depends on how closely they align with the United Nations SDGs, using the framework as a criterion. Businesses can range from renewable energies to other powerful solutions like blockchain-powered innovations to improve traceability in supply chains.

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Planet friendly crypto profits

According to Sphere, it will offer investors “more than just access to blockchain-based impact investments”. It aims to simplify the entire process, break down the technical barriers in the cryptocurrency space and “provide fiat investors with a gateway to participate in blockchain technologies”.

In other words, it wants to lure traditional investors into this emerging space where profits can be made while helping the planet. Sphere’s product, a bankable security, can be purchased using the Swiss ISIN, a process similar to buying traditional stocks.

“Sphere’s value proposition is to minimize the complexity for investors engaging in the sustainability markets revolution while maintaining a higher return mindset when it comes to getting exposure to the underlying token assets,” explains Rust. “Individuals can now seamlessly invest in crypto assets using traditional fiat currencies, from Hong Kong dollars to Indian rupees or European euros.”

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