Amid the investigation into Niko Ivanka, another M / V ELO-HIM ship arrives in Maryland – Global News Network


During an ongoing investigation into the activities of the Niko Ivanka ship, which sank in the Atlantic with multiple deaths, another ship, M / V Elo-Him, is reportedly in the port city of Harper, Maryland County on Thursday, September 9, 2021 , arrived .

The heavenly laden ship was received by the Harper Sea Port Director, Wallace W. Wallace, who thanked the Maritime Authority and the Maryland County Legislative Caucus for their work.

Harper Sea Port Director, Wallace W. Wallace

He said the government has never stopped working things out since the shipwreck and that the right things are being done while the investigation continues, and would like to thank the Maryland National Government and Legislative Committee for always working in the direction of our people to have .

“I am pleased to announce that two more ships, identified as M / U Cassopea and JTK OI, are currently loading for Harper and will soon arrive in Maryland County.” Harper Port Director said.

The ship is being unloaded

Taking the opportunity to encourage Maryland residents and local residents to use the port, Director Wallace stated that goods were now available and the port was always open for business.

Many business people, including ordinary citizens, were seen smiling; A few months ago, the markets of Maryland and the surrounding area experienced a shortage of essentials and prices rose.

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