What really happened to Thanos’ Homeworld Titan?


The birthplace and homeworld of Thanos was once a flourishing utopia of peace and scientific pursuit until it was destroyed by the mad Titan.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Eternals: Thanos Rises # 1, which is now available at Marvel Comics.

Thanos the Mad Titan is one of the Marvel Universe’s worst threats and one of its most terrifying villains. Thanos possesses unimaginable power and has led countless crusades across galaxies to please his only true love: death. But Thanos wasn’t always crazy; its origin is from sadness and hatred and from a ruined paradise. Thanos’ birthplace could have become one of the greatest paradises in the entire universe had it not been destroyed by his hand.

As Kieron Gillen, Dustin Weaver Matthew Wilson and Clayton Cowles represented in Eternal: Thanos rises, Thanos was born on Titan, one of the many moons on the planet Saturn. Titan was more than just a simple moon, however: it was also the name of the advanced city that existed within the moon itself. The beings that lived within the moon were aptly called titans. The origins of the titans and how they came to be on a moon of Saturn go back hundreds of thousands of years.

A race of cosmic beings known as the Eternals was involved in a civil war. The Eternals Uranos and Kronos were embroiled in a heated battle because they disagreed with the fate of their people. Kronos emerged victorious and threw Uranos and his troops into the depths of space. Uranos eventually landed on the planet Uranus in the solar system. There he found a Kree supply depot, and after destroying the Kree guards stationed there, he was attacked by Kree forces who came to investigate the disruption.

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The Kree forces damaged the fleeing Eternals starship, causing it to crash on Titan. The survivors of the stay settled on the moon and, through the creation of an artificial biosphere, developed a colony deep under the surface of the moon. These survivors turned against each other, with only Ms. Sui-san remaining alive after the conflict. The arrival of Mentor, an Eternal who had voluntarily exiled, marked the beginning of the new race of Titans as he and Sui-san worked to build a new society.

Titan itself was a true paradise. The Titans as a people were immensely gifted as scientists and as such were able to create an entire society within the barren moon. Their greatest creation was the ISAAC supercomputer, which controlled every facet of the biosphere in which the titans lived. Peace blossomed and there seemed no limit to what the Titans could achieve. Then Thanos was born.

Thanos was born with a rare genetic disorder that gave him his distinctive purple skin and blackened eyes. His parents were Mentor and Sui-San, the founders of Titan and parents of many other children. However, a deep darkness fell on Thanos and those close to him felt that his fate was one that would destroy them all.

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The Birth of Thanos from Eternals: Thanos Rising

Eternal: Thanos rises delves deeper into the gravity of Thanos’ relationship with Mentor and Sui-San. A huge rift formed between the Eternals when Mentor argued that he should be able to find out if Eternals could sexually reproduce themselves and witness the results firsthand. Despite her beautiful son Eros, the ultimate result of her experiment was Thanos. Mentor’s punishment for fathering the genocidal Titan and rebuking the foundations and moral principles that define eternal society has been a lonely exile. Thanos exists as a living memorial to Mentor’s failure and misjudgment, the blood-soaked obelisk that raises the Eternals’ greatest flaw.

In both comics and the MCU, Titan is destroyed by Thanos. In the MCU, Thanos stated that he foresaw the inevitable collapse of Titan due to its overpopulation and therefore wanted to save it by cutting all life on it in half. In the comic book Marvel Universe, Thanos bombed Titan with a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons and reduced the exoplanet to ashes. While Titan emerged as a wasteland at the MCU, Mentor was able to rebuild the city within the comics and resume its existence as a bastion of peace and scientific persecution.

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