The botany department of the CUK gives a lecture on the topic “Rethinking to – Kashmir Reader”


Reconstruction – step by step towards the environment, sustainability and ecosystem services ”

Ganderbal: Department of Botany, Central University of Kashmir (CUK) organized an invited online lecture on “Rethinking to Rebuilding-Stepping Towards Environment, Sustainability & Ecosystem services” by Prof. Mohammad Latif Khan, Director Academic Affairs, Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya.
In his presidential speech, Vice Chancellor Prof. Mehraj ud Din Mir welcomed the speaker and emphasized the importance of educating young people in J&K about the dwindling biodiversity in the Kashmir Himalayas.
In his special speech, Chancellor Prof. M. Afzal Zargar emphasized the importance of the lecture with regard to current issues of ecology such as the looting of natural resources, ecological imbalances, climate change, forest fires, floods, etc. He stressed the importance of teachers in training young people to spread awareness for future generations.
In his presentation, Prof. M. Latif Khan highlighted various environmental challenges and the need to re-establish links with nature in order to mitigate and reverse them for a better sustainable future. “A healthy ecosystem leads to better health of the human population.” He advised on the current coal shortage in Delhi due to “overexploitation and subsequent consequences in the near future”. He said there was an alarming rate of deforestation. “About 80 percent of the world’s forest area has been lost at a rate of 375 km2 / day. About 5 to 10 percent of species are lost in a decade. With the current rate of deforestation, 60 percent of the forest area will be lost from the surface of planet Earth, ”he said. He spoke about the “damage” caused by road construction in the Himalayas and the need to rethink and reverse the trend to protect biodiversity. The speaker also explained in detail the increase in forest fires and their devastating consequences for the ecosystem. He said “every species has the right to live in a healthy biosphere on earth,” adding that land use change is the leading cause of communicable and other diseases in ecosystems. Prof. ML Khan shared many success stories of restorative ecology in the northeastern states and highlighted the need to adopt such approaches to protect damaged ecosystems in the Kashmir Himalayas.
The Dean of the School of Life Sciences, Prof. Muhammad Yousuf, spoke in his special remarks about his involvement in the Jabalpur Forests of Sal & Teak in MP for 10 years. He asked Prof. ML Khan to work on the Chhattisgarh Ecotone.
Prof. Azra N. Kamili (Convener), Nodal Person, Department of Botany, introduced Prof. M. Latif Khan by highlighting his academic achievements. Dr. Abid Hamid Dar, Director Science Campus (Co-Convener) gave a welcoming speech for all dignitaries & participants.
Dr. Rafiq Lone, Organization Secretary, highlighted the importance of organizing the lecture taking into account the importance of biodiversity in the age of climate change and also chaired the lecture. Dr. Shaiesta Shah presented the word of thanks and Dr. Sajad Ahmad Lone was the rapporteur.


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