The lungs of the earth


In terms of the title “The Lungs of the Earth”, things are not looking so good for the Amazon rainforest this year. In the past year, the Amazon was devastated by many large forest fires.

According to Vox News, there were more than 1,000 forest fires in the rainforest this January, and right now things could be as bad as 2020. In 2020 more than 19 million hectares of rainforest were completely destroyed by the devastating forest fires.

The Amazon rainforest is very important. The rainforest produces 20% of the earth’s oxygen and is home to many forest fires. This not only affects the geosphere, but also the biosphere and the atmosphere. The biosphere is affected because all forest fires lose their habitat and many of them lose their lives. All of the smoke and ashes are affecting the atmosphere as well. The last update I could find was on September 4th of this year. According to Reuters, the Brazilian government did not do much to minimize these fires as there was no evidence of government firefighters or environmental protection measures.

If you are like me and have not heard of this matter yet, there is not much we can do, but it is always good to be aware and informed about these issues. The earth is our only home and it is we who destroy and are responsible for most of its problems. There is only one earth. There is no one else like him. The least we can all do is spread awareness about climate change.

Betsy Argueta Coca


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