Devon councils and charities launch Shop4Good campaign


As part of the United Nations Global Climate Change Conference, the 26th and helping to cope with the climate crisis.

Before Black Friday and Christmas and the global climate summit in Glasgow, the Shop4Good campaign aims to promote ten shopping opportunities, reduce CO2 emissions and increase well-being. The campaign follows new research showing that consumer interest in sustainability has increased significantly since the pandemic, suggesting that consumer purchasing power may do more for the climate than governments.

Shop4Good runs from Saturday, October 30th to Saturday, November 13th, parallel to COP26. Participating councils are North Devon, Torridge, South Hams and West Devon, as well as charities 361 Energy, Plastic Free North Devon, Resurgence Trust, North Devon Biosphere and Totnes Climate Change Response Center. All work in partnership with Carbon Savvy from Bideford.

Since shopping makes up a large part of our carbon footprint, the campaign shows ways of reducing it. Examples are:

  • Buying durable products
  • shop locally
  • Giving away experiences as gifts, as research shows, creates stronger social bonds.

North Devon Council Senior Member on Climate Change, Councilor Graham Lofthouse, says, “The North Devon District Council has, in line with science, a very ambitious internal target of net zero carbon emissions by 2030 and a broader target for the community set based goals by 2050 at the latest. We have been working with Carbon Savvy for over a year to provide tips and advice to everyone who wants to make their contribution to reducing CO2. I am pleased that consumer power is having a growing influence, because only together can we reduce CO2 emissions and create a healthy future for the region. I therefore invite everyone to take part in the Shop4good program. It’ll be fun too. ”

Shop4good is one of a series of events designed to help avoid net CO2 emissions. On Sunday October 17th, the first Earthshot Awards were shown on BBC1 with Prince William, David Attenborough and a range of stars including actress Emma Watson, soccer player Mo Salah and Coldplay. On October 30th, world governments will meet in Glasgow to discuss how to raise CO2 targets beyond those promised in Paris in 2015 Earth.

Carbon Savvy Director Mukti Mitchell has dedicated his life to saving CO2 and was the winner of the Award for energy efficiency champion of the year last week at the Southwest Energy Efficiency Awards.

He says: “Governments and councils can set goals, but to achieve them every individual, company and organization must reduce their own carbon footprint. I’m excited to be working with Devon councils, charities, and Falmouth University to save carbon. The good news is that most measures that save CO2 also increase our well-being and save money. I’m particularly excited about the Shop4good online quiz, which is a bit of fun and offers great prizes, so I hope that a lot of people will take part.

“New research by the World Wildlife Fund has shown that two-thirds of consumers think about sustainability when shopping. As consumers, we influence the industry every day and an example is that 50% of executives in the fashion industry say that consumer demand drives their pursuit of sustainability. We can build the world we want through our expenses because every penny is a vote. ”

Councilor Neil Jory, Head of West Devon Borough Council, said, “West Devon is excited to be working with Shop4good and I encourage everyone to get involved. While governments need to drive big changes to tackle carbon emissions, protecting our environment also requires each of us to take responsibility to change the way we live and work when net-zero carbon Emissions are to be achieved. “

Alderman Tom Holway, Executive Member for Climate Change and Biodiversity, South Hams District Council, said, “The more we buy locally produced goods and food, the more we support jobs in our region. We are told that there may be a shortage of Christmas goods and groceries due to the driver shortage, so make the most of what is on your doorstep. Order locally grown Christmas dinner, browse our local craft shops for Christmas gift ideas such as locally made leather goods and jewelry, and handcrafted wooden toys for young children. Maybe even an exciting outdoor experience for a teenager like learning to surf or a stand-up paddleboard session. “

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