Halloween 2021 decorations: from Jack-o’-Lantern to spider web, creepy decoration ideas for a spooky night!


Happy Halloween 2021! Halloween is celebrated on October 31st each year. On this day, children go door to door and wish Happy Halloween and collect sweets such as chocolates or sweets known as Trick-O-Treat. At other festivals where everyone is dressed in new clothes, people dress up for a creepy look on Halloween. On Halloween day, people decorate the house in a spooky theme. For this festival, people use scary decorations and creepy clothes. If you are looking for new ideas to decorate the house in a unique way on Halloween day, we have some amazing ones for you. Today we’re going to share with you some of the best Halloween decorating DIY videos you can make at home to decorate the house. Halloween 2021 Dishes: Make your party unique with these scary foods.

Mason jar Halloween decor

You can use mason jars to decorate your home in spooky ways. You can add an electronic light to the glass and add cotton balls or even cobwebs with fake spiders to make the glass scarier. Watch video:

Halloween table decorations

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home is with a DIY dining table made especially for Halloween. You can take ideas for the table decoration from below. Watch video: From Harley Quinn to Chucky, the top 10 most popular Halloween costumes in 2021 according to Google.

Halloween web

You can also decorate your house on Halloween by decorating it with a fake spider web. Watch video:


You can greet guests by hanging a classic jack-o’-lantern on the door of the house. Watch video:

Halloween bat decoration

You can decorate the walls of the house by making paper bats or hanging Halloween artwork. Watch video:

Halloween lantern decoration

You can use scary lanterns for Halloween party decorations. Watch video:

We wish you a great Halloween party! But if you’re wondering why we celebrate Halloween, you need to know that this festival is related to the Celtic people of Europe. It used to be called “All Saints-Day” – All Hallows as well as Hallows Eve, which over time became Halloween.

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