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Danny Boyle came on stage with the smash hit Shallow grave, equal to BAFTA for best British film. Since then, he has won an Oscar, presided over the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics, and turned down knighthood based on his beliefs against the monarchy. Through his working class upbringing and childhood plans to become a priest, Boyle has grown to become one of the most respected directors in the world.

In anticipation of its upcoming FX series pistolOn the rise and fall of the infamous Sex Pistols, we’ve taken a look at the ten best films about Boyle’s career to date. Thematically, the Boyle biosphere alternates between looking at how the best hands destroy themselves and how the players with the worst hands bluff each other to win. From the horrors of 28 days later and the enchanting adventures of millions‘Boyle has shown that he’s not a niche writer, but an all-rounder.



An idea that everyone had in some way Yesterday asks what you would do if you had the opportunity to steal art from your timeline and “create” it in another; say in this case the discography of the Beatles. Some Yesterday The calling is based on a deification of the band, that this theft of intellectual property is not for individual benefit, but rather, as Moses claims, he wrote the commandments; a change from an extraordinary story to make this “gift” more believable. Ultimately, his merit lies more in his charm and soundtrack than in tough theses and should be recommended to Beatles fans before cinephiles.

Shallow grave


Steinbeck picked a pearl, Huston gold nuggets, Shallow grave the trusty money case. When a roommate overdose reveals a fortune in cash, three friends dispose of the body and evade law enforcement, gangsters, and paranoia against one another to protect the treasure. As Boyle’s debut, Shallow grave was cruel, hilarious and lucrative: the top grossing British film of 1995. Although Boyle has grown as a director since then, 25 years later it is well worth watching with daring and fun.

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T2 trainspotting


With a mega hit like Trainspotting, the task of re-examining the characters two decades after the shocking ending left much room for disaster. Fortunately for Boyle, T2 trainspotting Script was exactly what it had to be: good. While the original was a revelation of how privileged appropriations of anti-hierarchical activities equated to self-destruction, the sequel only focused on, the aesthetics, sounds, and lore of. to continue Trainspotting. It doesn’t have that many brilliant sequences or probing questions, but for a movie that would almost certainly be as ruinous as its protagonists, its safety is a minor victory for the fans.


Boyle millions

A hidden gem of Boyle filmography, millions is about Damian, a Catholic child who discovers a fortune worth British pounds and (without knowing it is the remains of a robbery) gives it all away before it can “forfeit” with the upcoming changeover to the euro. The surprising power of millions is not just a religious story of how often the church denies the generous rules it expects from others, but how our entire social system forbids any ability of charity to actually lead to far-reaching change. millions can fill you with a childlike urge to make the world a better place and then with the mature insight that poverty is not a difficult puzzle but an economic policy.


Young sunshine

The sun dies and has to be super-nuked again so that it doesn’t die. It is important to know two things about this film. 1) The first lesson is probably one of the greatest science fiction films you will ever see in your life – brilliant, inventive, heartbreaking, philosophical. It is a masterpiece beyond all reason. 2) The last half an hour is so terrible that the film not only turns out to be normal, but plunges into an infinite abyss where painful touch never arrives. It is one of the greatest tragedies in science fiction film history. If you want to enjoy sunshine to the fullest and you have an absurd level of self-control, wait for the moment (about an hour) when the computer tells how many people are on board the ship, then turn it off and fantasize about your own ending . For this fumble, it rests just before the top 5 instead of being in the top 1.

Steve Jobs


When Boyle directs, Sorkin writes and Fassbender acts, you definitely use a cheat code. Often considered the less phenomenal, younger sibling of. marginalized The social network, Steve Jobs looks at the original tech messiah through three different product demos over the course of his life. The snarky dialogue is one of Sorkins’ most playful, with everyone being technical and therefore smart. The performances are excellent across the board, Kate Winslet with a new Eastern European accent and Seth Rogen with a new Seth Rogen. And Boyle’s hand is steady, making you feel every era just for who it was, Jobs just for who he was: a genius who had to prove too hard he was and a father who had to prove too hard that he wasn’t.

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28 days later


Often cited in the film as the first reckoning after September 11th, 28 days later looks at a man in a coma who wakes up a month after a zombie pandemic; What does a great disaster look like and how can society’s reaction to it make society worse? Much of the filming was completed before the attacks, but that makes it a kind of Kassandra where not only is the devastation expected to be so tribilizing, but the authorities are expected to take advantage of every opportunity to enforce authoritarian exploitation – something that somehow resides in the US population doesn’t see it coming in real life. It’s an engaging playthrough by a man who realizes disaster and revives the zombie genre, even if Boyle firmly believes it isn’t a zombie movie and deserves your attention.

127 hours


The lonely survival film is an impressive field: Life of Pi: Shipwreck with Tiger, Heaviness, All is lost, probably even The Martian. It doesn’t just take an adorable leading actor to captivate us for the whole film, but a clever director to develop a hole in his own world. The magic of 127 hours is that you are watching a man whose arm is caught by a rock and for a lifetime not only experiences the seriousness of his situation here, but also his life revolving around him and this rock. It is not quietly philosophical, but a desperate and sincere plea for salvation to every possible respondent in his or her existence. Again, where some Boyle films are about people getting a fortune and wasting it, this one is about someone sentenced to death and making the most of it.

Slumdog millionaire


It won Best Picture, it gave Boyle his Oscar for directing, it put Dev Patel on the cinematic map, it’s just a thrill to see. Two orphans and their boyfriend grow together out of poverty and have long-lost and abusive relationships. When one is chosen to be on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?knowing every answer as if miraculously tailored from episodes of his life, he gets his first chance to make changes in his life – and the lives of his musketeers. Slumdog millionaire is a delicate balance between realistically viewing the harsh truths about capitalism that denotes poverty and not letting that realism tarnish its romantic ideals of fate and love. Some stories have to talk about the rules of society in order to raise those who don’t need to obey them, but some stories may just be where the underdog is finally fed.



This belongs to a certain pantheon of greats, often Fincher and Scorsese, where the movie mocks a certain group of people who are ascribed to themselves, then those people watch that exact movie, and then these people are stupid enough to think that the movie represent them unanimously. This movie is about privilege, not disobedience, and it’s just majestic. There are too many reasons to love Trainspotting, from the daring and imaginative recordings, to the soundtrack, to the performances, to that heartbreaking moment, but perhaps its most brilliant contribution to cinema is how unforgivingly it portrays opioid use and its aftermath. While heroin is a difficult reality of harsh individualism for many, for a few it is a bizarre chicken game to use society for more privilege: a spoiled child holding his breath. The ability to differentiate between these two users is where this movie hits its jackpot. It’s not for the squeamish, but a shot right into your veins could never be.

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