aelf invites partners to expand the ecological network by publishing the node choice



According to the official announcement of the Aelf blockchain Team started the node election process on November 18, 2021. Blockchain heavyweights like 8BTC, Bounty, and RockX confirmed their participation in the aelf election process at the time of going to press.

From November 18, two places a week will be released for new production nodes for six weeks. So a total of 17 production nodes will be selected by the end of this year. The production nodes are subject to the function of the Aelf Mainnet. Your potency comes with responsibility.

To become a production node, node operator candidates must follow certain procedures, as follows:

  1. Technical docking: To dock on the Aelf mainnet, organizations and individuals should ping the Aelf team via email or Telegram Messenger.
  2. Establishing nodes: After establishing a node infrastructure, the operator should send introductory information to the guide Module and stake tokens.
  3. Election: Production nodes are chosen by the voters. ELF holders who have used their tokens in the governance system can freely vote for their preferred candidate nodes or transfer their tickets to them.
  4. Rotation: The production nodes rotate every week based on the voting result.

Production nodes are the decision makers in the Aelf Mainnet. On the one hand, BPs have the right to decide and carry out the provision and upgrade of the Aelf mainnet. On the other hand, BPs are helping to connect third-party tokens and ELF tokens during sidechain creation, which is of great importance during the ecological explosion.

To maintain the integrity and security of its mainnet, the aelf blockchain has introduced slashing rules: Once the seat has been won as a production knot, the knot has to move on to work. If a block producer does not submit a block within 72 hours, their BP status will be automatically cleared. A use of 100,000 ELF tokens blocked by the node is destroyed.

Haobo Ma, CEO of aelf, recognizes this phase as crucial: “We define the opening rules to ensure the stability and sustainability of the aelf mainnet. We have prepared our best team to support the choice from all perspectives such as front end, development, operations and marketing. The beginning of the choice of Aelf knots will lay the foundation for the development of Aelf ecology and we will have the most prestigious knot on Aelf. “

The node choice was pre-determined for the agreements of the continuously opening ecological constructions, including but not limited to Aelf hackathons, sidechain auctions and much more. aelf is a cloud computing network with a blockchain infrastructure. For more information, please contact the aelf team on Twitter and further telegram.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news / advice.



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