Expo 2020 Dubai: Malaysia Pavilion attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors


DUBAI (November 24th): The Malaysia pavilion “Rainforest Canopy” at Expo 2020 Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors since its official opening on October 1st.

Michelle Lau Sook Yee, director of the Malaysia Pavilion, said the Rainforest Canopy Pavilion is a testament to Malaysia’s strong commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development.

“The number of visitors to our pavilion is in the six digits … we’ll compile the actual number and it will be announced later by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI),” she said Bernama on the sidelines of the Malaysian Weekly Trade and Economy Program on “NCER: Your Preferred Malaysia Investment Destination” hosted on Wednesday November 24th by the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA).

The 1,234 square meter pavilion under the motto “Energizing Sustainability” is the first net-zero-carbon installation at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Lau said visitors to the Malaysia Pavilion would be taken on a journey through the country’s forest protection and sustainable agricultural commodities that have shaped Malaysia’s socio-economic development.

“The reason we presented the rainforest alongside the exhibition on the development of sustainable agricultural commodities is to offer a streamlined display of the country’s far-sighted land use policy, in line with our commitment to balancing economic development and environmental protection.

“Malaysia recognizes and values ​​the role of our rainforest as the lungs of the planet and this importance has never been greater than it is today in the face of the challenge of climate change. We are proud to be a tropical country that recognized this importance very early on and we are committed to protecting the ancient biosphere for humanity, ”she said.

She added that the Malaysia Pavilion aimed to inspire visitors through a full experience of Malaysian hospitality and rainforest biodiversity, showcasing the country’s efforts for long-term sustainability in various industries.

Malaysia’s sustainability practices are the main showcase in the first segment of the pavilion, where visitors will learn about Malaysia’s longstanding efforts to achieve sustainable land use and forest protection amid immersive 3D projection in a Malaysian rainforest.

After the rainforest exhibition, the next room shows sustainable agricultural raw materials, followed by a room filled with LED pillars, in which one can learn more about the future development directions of Malaysia with the help of science, technology and innovation.

Another interesting exhibit is a large hanging LED cube teeming with 3D visualizations on the transformative journey of the national oil and gas company Petronas, including its net zero emissions target by 2050.

The other exhibition halls show the implementation of the Smart Cities Framework as a guide for sustainable urbanization, while the last installation shows an intelligent network that illustrates the integration of digital technologies in accordance with governance, resource management, environmental protection, mobility and trade.

MOSTI is the lead ministry for Malaysia’s overall participation in Expo 2020 Dubai and the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation is the implementing agency.

Malaysia hosts 26 specially curated weekly themed trade and business programs covering 10 key industries.

The weekly program is led and supported by 21 ministries, five state governments and 70 agencies, with around 300 companies participating in the program as business delegates to explore global trade and business opportunities.

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