Viking Foundation awards grants to 12 local nonprofits | Neighborhood extra



In addition to these donations, the Viking Foundation made a total of $ 30,000 in donations to nonprofits in Denver County, Colorado: Clothes to Kids, Cross Purpose, EarthLinks, Habitat for Humanity, Karis, Lucky to Ride, Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation, and Rocky Legal Center for children in the mountains; and $ 30,000 to nonprofits in Polk County, Iowa: The Ankeny Klothing Exchange (TAKE), Children’s Cancer Connection, Community Hand Up, Des Moines Pastoral Care, Des Moines Refugee Support, Everybody Wins Iowa, and Woodworking with a Purpose.

The Viking Foundation was created to improve and enrich the lives of people – especially children – who are less fortunate. The foundation makes non-profit grants to 501 (c) (3) organizations, mainly in three counties. The scholarships are for those facing issues related to poverty, housing, gender, education, mental and physical health, and other issues.

The submission deadline for funding applications for 2022 is October 1st. Full information about the foundation and its history, values ​​and guidelines for proposals can be found at



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