Annual report 2021 | California trout



Peter Moyle is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology and Associate Director of the Center for Watershed Sciences at UC Davis. He is the author or co-author of more than 240 publications, including the authoritative Inland Fishes of California (2002). He is co-author of the book 2017, Auen: processes and management for ecosystem services. His research interests include the conservation of aquatic species, habitats, and ecosystems, including salmon; San Francisco Estuary Fish Ecology; California Brook Fish Ecology; Effects of introduced aquatic organisms; and use of floodplains by fish.

Robert Lusardi is a whitewater and coldwater fish researcher at California Trout / UC Davis focused on creating the foundation for long-term scientific research specifically for the Californian trout whitewater and coldwater fish initiatives. His work bridges the growing gap between academic science and applied conservation policy, and ensures that rapidly evolving science influences conservation projects across California. Dr. Lusardi lives at the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and works closely with Dr. Peter Moyle worked on numerous projects to support California trout conservation policy. His recent research interests include Coho salmon on the Shasta River, the ecology of volcanic headwaters, the protection and management of freshwater trout, and the political implications of anadromous fish catch programs in California.

Patrick Samuel has been the California Trout Conservation Program Coordinator for nearly two years, where he coordinates specific research on California Trout, including the Salmonid Condition Report. Prior to joining CalTrout, he worked for the Fisheries Leadership & Sustainability Forum, a non-profit that supports the country’s eight regional fisheries boards across the country. Patrick began his fishing career as an intern with NOAA Fisheries Protected Resources Division in Sacramento and in his first field job as a crew member on the Wild and Heritage Trout Program of the California Department of Fish & Wildlife.


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