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Bestselling author Steve Richheimer spoke to Markos Papadatos of the Digital Journal about his book “The Fallacy of Materialism: How Consciousness Creates the Material Universe and Why it Matters”.

Richheimer earned his BA in Chemistry from Lehigh University in 1968 and an MS degree and Ph.D. in 1971. Graduated from Stanford University in Bioorganic Chemistry in 1974. His Ph.D. Advisor at Stanford was the famous chemist Linus Pauling, who was twice awarded the Nobel Prize.

After completing his PhD, Richheimer taught chemistry at several colleges in California, Missouri, and Colorado before joining a small drug company in Denver, CO, in 1980 as Director of Quality and R&D.

In 1990, Richheimer joined Hauser, Inc. in Boulder, CO, as chief research and development chemist. There he specialized in the isolation and purification of valuable drugs and nutraceuticals from natural sources, project management, analytical method development and scale-up / process development. Steven has authored numerous scientific papers and patents during his 38-year career in pharmaceutical and natural product chemistry.

Steven began practicing yoga in the summer of 1968 after graduating from Lehigh University. He was formally initiated into the practice of tantric meditation in 1970 by an acharya from Ananda Marga (Path of Bliss) and shortly afterwards traveled to Ranchi, India to have personal contact with his guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. Anandamurti, affectionately called Baba, taught that consciousness is the most important thing and that mind and matter develop out of consciousness.

Since consciousness creates reality, everything is essentially simply a manifestation of the One. A trained scientist, Steven quickly realized that the spiritual ideology of Anandamurti was both rational and fully in line with scientific principles. He developed an interest in how evidence from the physical and behavioral sciences corroborated the spiritual worldview.

In 2008, Richheimer and his wife, Jeanne, moved into the old people’s home they built in Steamboat Springs, CO. There, Steven continues to enjoy the activities he loves, such as golf, skiing, fly fishing, biking, hiking, and gliding.

Richheimer has written four books on science and spirituality. These include The Unity Principle: The Connection Between Science and Spirituality, The Non-Local Universe: Why Science Validates the Spiritual Worldview, Reincarnation: Science of the Hereafter and The Error of Materialism: How Science The Role of Cosmic Mind in the Development of. discovers reality (in publication). In addition, he wrote a chapter in the book: Economic Renaissance in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, entitled “The New Age of Science and Spirituality,” in which he argued that science confirms that reality consists of a subtle realm of wholeness arises.

Table of contents of the book

For people today, materialism is the most common lens through which they view reality. This is despite the fact that there is overwhelming scientific evidence refuting this morbid worldview. The evidence encompasses the important role consciousness plays in the perception and experience of reality; the “observation problem” and the non-locality of the quantum domain; the relationship between space and time in Einstein’s theory of relativity; and the fact that paranormal phenomena like ESP, mystical experiences, near death experiences, and reincarnation memories are fundamental aspects of the human experience.

In this book, Dr. Richheimer developed an alternative vision of reality that he calls the spiritual worldview. This reality model represents creation as a cyclical nature – beginning and ending with cosmic consciousness. It offers a logical, science-based explanation for phenomena that materialism cannot explain or seeks to deny. In addition, the author examines why it is difficult for scientists to reject materialism and how the adoption of the materialistic worldview by most scientists and intellectuals is a major cause of many societal problems.

All books, regardless of genre, have a story about their creation, so what’s the story behind “The Fallacy of Materialism: How Consciousness Creates the Material Universe and Why It Matters”?

After reading Paul Levy’s book The Quantum Revelation: A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality, I decided it was necessary to look at how the materialistic worldview had apparently taken over the way most people did measure reality today.

I had addressed some of the problems with how science has uncovered numerous inconsistencies with this worldview in my previous book, The Nonlocal Universe: How Science Validates the Spiritual Worldview, but this book was intended for an audience who already had an interest in spirituality had.

I felt like I was writing a book that is more aimed at an audience that believes that science has firmly established the correctness of the materialistic worldview, and showing beyond any reasonable doubt that this is not only untrue, but also one is destructive ideology for human society.

This book is certainly thought-provoking read. Can you tell us more about what the concept of a “spiritual worldview” is all about?

I use the term “spiritual worldview” to describe the theory of reality (ontology) which postulates that consciousness is the “basic substance” of creation – not matter. Some of the other terms used for this worldview are idealism, holism, non-duality of consciousness (advaita), consciousness as a primary, fundamental unit, and panentheism.

This ontology differs from materialism in that it describes causality as “top-down” – that is, consciousness is transformed into the material world. Whether consciousness is created out of matter or matter out of consciousness is equally plausible from an undescribed perspective. However, in order to decide which vision of reality might be correct, I take the reader on a journey through the scientific evidence that shows that spirituality

consistent with both science and the fundamental aspects of human experience, while materialism falls far short in this regard.

When people are done with “The Fallacy of Materialism: How Consciousness Creates the Material Universe and Why It Matters”, what do you hope they will take them with you in terms of their own personal worldview and evolution?

I hope that the readers will rob the book of the idea that we as human beings are more than just a “bag of particles” that is put together in such a way that we only have awareness for a brief moment of cosmological time and life for our existence to end forever when we die In other words, life has a purpose and a purpose; and that our consciousness does not end with the demise of our present body, but will continue until we reach union with cosmic consciousness.

When people realize that life is more than the ceaseless pursuit of pleasurable experiences and achievements, then they have taken the first steps on the path to spiritual union; and we call such persons “seekers”. Such a transformation brings greater mental and physical health to the individual and to society as a whole.

Did you learn anything new about yourself while writing this rather epic read?

I learned the importance of studying the ideas of proponents of the alternative worldview of materialism in order to better explain their ideas and thinking and to better point out anomalies in this morbid worldview.

What do you do when you want to relax your mind and body?

I have been practicing meditation for over 50 years. The purpose of meditation is to free the mind from the incessant “chatter” of the brain and to experience the oneness of pure consciousness. This reduces anxiety and tension and promotes a relaxed state of mind and body. There are many other benefits of regular meditation, which I describe in chapter 24 of the book.

I am sure that after this book finishes, fans will be looking for more. Do you have a book in the works that you can tell us about?

I don’t have any plans for a 5th book right now, but I will continue to add science and spirituality blogs to my website by click here. In addition, I plan to write articles for a number of journals, including the first issue of the Cosmic Society Journal, due out in January 2022.

“The Fallacy of Materialism: How Consciousness Creates the Material Universe and Why It Matters” is available from Amazon click here.

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