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Raul Simonetti, CAREL’s HVAC/R Corporate Business Manager, will take on the role technical chair at the ASHRAE Winter 2022 Conference. The conference program will highlight topics selected by Raul in collaboration with ASHRAE and summarized by the title of the event: “Holism and Perspectives on DecarbonizationThe conference will be held in Las Vegas from January 29th to February 2nd and will address issues of interest to the entire HVAC/R sector targeted focus on the resources of the future and their use. In the sessions, documents and programs related to the conservation and saving of energy and resources in general, the integration of energy sources and the improvement of indoor air quality will be presented, and the challenges and opportunities in different places, applications and processes will be examined.

The basis of the conference is the exchange of knowledge, perspectives and new solutions and therefore includes technical presentations, seminars, workshops, forums and debates. The presentations and discussions are structured thematically and are intended to provide answers and ideas shared goal and commitment to decarbonization. Topics will include the management and integration of the various energy sources in buildings, whether residential, commercial or industrial, the role of natural and non-natural refrigerants in maximizing performance, and their specific use in refrigeration systems depending on the application.

“Building decarbonization encompasses processes and activities related to HVAC/R and is a necessary step to limit the rise in global average temperature to 1.5°C by the end of the century,‘ commented Raul Simonetti.The 2022 Winter Conference program is designed to give professionals the opportunity to present HVAC/R solutions and technologies that aim to achieve these goals. within the legal limits and given the growing attention to indoor air quality.

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