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Spider-Man: No Way Home is a celebration of three generations of cinema and a beloved character who has touched the hearts of many. Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland each brought something unique to the character of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and seeing them all together on the big screen made their individuality even more special.

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While there were obvious differences between the three versions of Spider-Man/Peter Parker, there were also some similarities. One of the best was the “Peter-Tingle”, aka Spidey Sense, which was an important aspect of the character’s powers. In every live-action Spider-Man movie, this particular superpower has appeared at some epic moments in the superhero’s life.


Peter saves Mary-Jane’s lunch

Peter saves Mary-Jane from falling and catches her lunch in Spider-Man (2002).

In early Spiderman, Peter’s perceptive mind kicked in during a scene in the cafeteria when Mary-Jane slipped on spilled juice while carrying her lunch tray. Not only did Peter manage to catch her before she hit the ground, but he also saved all her food with the tray he caught mid-air.

Although seemingly simple on the surface, the scene was an impressive display of Peter’s keen intuition without relying on over-the-top theatrics. According to the Independent, none of which was CGI and it took Maguire one hundred and fifty-six takes to pull off the impressive move.

Doc Ock’s attack on the cafe

Peter dives to safety with Mary-Jane as glass shatters around them in Spider-Man 2

Just as Peter and Mary-Jane were about to kiss at the coffee shop Spiderman 2, Peter sensed the impending danger and dove with her to the ground just in time before a car crashed through the building, nearly killing her. Doc Ock, one of the best villains in the Raimi trilogy, walked in shortly after and gave Peter an ultimatum to find Spider-Man to save Mary-Jane.

Throughout the second film in his trilogy, Maguire’s Peter kept losing his powers and struggling to reconcile his personal life and superhero identity – a subject explored in depth again Spider-Man: No Way Home. This scene was beautifully shot and enhanced with the return of Peter’s powers just in time to save the town and Mary-Jane.

Spider-Man stops the derailed train

Spider-Man stands with arms outstretched to stop the train in Spider-Man 2

After Doc Ock kidnapped Mary-Jane, Spider-Man went after him after regaining his powers. During their fight, Doc Ock sabotaged a train full of people, leaving Spider-Man to rescue him. The stakes rose even higher when the hero’s keen wits showed him that the train was on an incomplete railway track and was speeding toward a dangerous fall.

Spider-Man managed to stop the train after a fight by walking forward and using webs he attached to nearby buildings to slow it down until it stopped. It was one of the most heroic acts and bravest moment in the live-action Spider-Man film, especially considering the emotional and mental struggle Peter was going through at the time.

Spider-Man discovers his powers on the train

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker stuck to the roof of the train in The Amazing Spider-Man

the movie of 2012, The Incredible Spiderman introduced Garfield as the web-wielding superhero and delved deep into his backstory and how he gained his powers. In one scene, Peter was sleeping on the train when another passenger balanced a bottle on his face. At that moment, Peter’s powers kicked in, particularly his sharp mind, and he unintentionally stuck to the ceiling, fending off the men attacking him.

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A lot happened in this scene, with Peter’s reflexes and senses sharpening combined with his utter confusion at the use of these new abilities. It was a good, believable portrayal of how overwhelming that moment must have felt for him, suffused with humor as he kept apologizing for his actions.

Spider-Man fights Electro in Times Square

Spider-Man spins in the air and shoots webs from his wrists in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

One of the greatest enemies Spider-Man has faced The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was Electro and their first fight scene took place in Times Square while he was still trying to understand what was happening to him. When Electro sent a wave of electrical waves across the street, Spider-Man’s keen sense helped him save several civilians from being electrocuted.

The scene was shown in slow motion and the combination of the waves of electricity coursing through the street and Spider-Man overturning a police car and hurling webs with just the right timing to save those around him made it complete an icon. Even the humor added at the end, when the scene cut to Spider-Man, who, with the help of some firefighters, fired a hose at Electro while donning one of their hats, ringed true to fans of Spidey’s hilarious character.

Spider-Man versus Mysterio’s drones

Darkness surrounds Spider-Man as he prepares to battle Mysterio's drones in Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home had pitted Holland’s Spidey against Mysterio to reveal the sophisticated trick he had pulled off using drones. One of the most memorable scenes was the final confrontation between the two on Tower Bridge. Mysterio used his illusion technology to shield himself from Spider-Man, causing the area to appear as dark, empty space.

After taking a deep breath and muttering “Come on, Peter Tingle,” Spider-Man was able to sense where each drone was and knock them out along with Mysterio’s illusion. That scene’s cool aesthetic aside, it was Peter overcoming his struggle to reconnect with his tingles and overall identity as Spider-Man and the world’s expectations of him after Tony’s death, which made that moment more satisfying. The scene featured impressive character growth, a prominent feature in any film that makes up Holland’s trilogy.

Doctor Strange separates Spider-Man from his physical form

Doctor Strange separates Peter from his physical form in Spider-Man No Way Home

the Spider-Man: No Way Home The trailer showed Doctor Strange separating Peter from his physical form. In the film, the scene continued to show Peter’s body ducking before Strange’s attempts to get the box with the botched spell back, much to the latter’s surprise.

Peter’s wit was the reason he was able to dodge Doctor Strange, and it was both comical and fascinating to watch the wizard get defeated by what appeared to be Spider-Man’s suit. The scene also led to speculation and fan theories about the extent of Spider-Man’s powers in the MCU.

Spider-Man senses the Green Goblin’s betrayal

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Peter’s mission to heal the villains drawn into his universe went horribly wrong when Green Goblin took control of Norman. Just before disaster struck, Peter sensed something was wrong and looked at every villain in Happy’s apartment, trying to understand how he was feeling.

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Thanks to his sharp mind, he realized it was the Green Goblin, but that realization came late and he lost the fight, along with Aunt May. Though it was too little, too late, Peter’s keen sense here was impressive, as he recognized the presence of the goblin without further hints of his imminent betrayal.

MJ & Ned meet the other Peter Parkers

Mj, Ned and Peter stand and talk in Spider-Man No Way Home

One of the most shocking moments in Spider-Man: No Way Home was the appearance of Garfield and Maguire reprising their roles as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. The film’s recently released script revealed their MCU names as Raimi-Verse Peter (Maguire) and Webb-Verse Peter (Garfield). When Webb-Verse Peter showed up, MJ asked him to prove he was really Spider-Man and threw a piece of bread at him to see if he had the “tingles,” similar to a scene with a banana in it Far away from home between May and Peter.

It was a hilarious scene made even better by the brilliant performances from Zendaya and Garfield. When Raimi-Verse Peter joined, he and Webb-Verse Peter had a moment where they also sensed each other’s acumen, both responding by shooting webs at each other and spinning around in the air.

Three Spider-Men in the final battle

Three Spider-Men lined up in formation during the final battle in Spider-Man No Way Home

The last fight in Spider-Man: No Way Home had all three versions of Peter Parker teaming up to fight and heal the villains. Their efforts were awkward at first as they kept getting in each other’s way, compounded by the confusion over who was which Peter.

Thanks to his experience fighting as part of a team with the Avengers, MCU-Verse suggested Peter coordinate their attacks by relying on their instincts. His plan worked and resulted in one of the best scenes in the film, in which the three Spider-Men fought side by side.

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