Today’s video by Dylan Dreyer of Mini-Me son in New York is getting overwhelming reactions


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Dylan Dreyer shared an adorable video of her “mini-me” son explaining himself avenger Story.

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the today The host helpfully translated Ollie’s story and revealed that Captain America won the fight against football, but then he attacked Ollie so he had to fight the fork. Ollie then used his webs to trip and fall before Captain America decided he wanted the snacks – and this is one Avengers storyline we can get behind.

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WATCH: Dylan Dreyer’s video of Mini-Me Son sparks overwhelming reactions

“Spoiler!!” one fan joked, as Dylan’s Today friend Shenielle Jones added, “I love this so much.”

“I love how much Cal is entertained by his little brother,” shared another fan, while others praised his “huge imagination.”

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Video was taken from the family home in New York and showed the boys seated at the dining table, where the chairs were covered with plastic wrap to protect them from stray baby food.

In the background was a large sectional sofa with neutral cushions positioned in front of large windows.

Dylandreyer son Ollie

Ollie loved his story

Mother of three Dylan She recently welcomed her third son, Rusty, and returned to work this month after maternity leave.

In response to that today star made the difficult decision to do so resign from their role on weekend today; Dylan will continue to co-host the 3rd Hour of Today weekdays but will no doubt enjoy spending a full weekend with her young family from now on.

she was overcome with emotion as she said goodbye to the TV program during a live broadcast.

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Dylan Dreyer left Weekend Today to spend more time with her family

While standing in the snow, Dylan told viewers, “It’s really bittersweet to walk away. I just want to thank everyone weekend today who actually gave me a chance on this show.

“I remember when I tried it for this show and it wasn’t really something I knew was going to happen and then, for lack of a better word, it just snowed into the position it has become.

“My goodness, I’m so thankful for that weekend today shot me and dared it with me because it changed my life. I raised my whole family here in New York City and I really don’t want to step down, but I don’t think I can do six days a week anymore.”

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