Lawmakers meet with defenders of Sinaloa Ecological Park and Botanical Society


Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Members of the Sinaloa State Congress Policy Coordinating Committee and Commission on Ecology and Sustainable Development advocated the preservation, protection and enrichment of green spaces and preserving them as society’s heritage for use freely .

The announcements were made during working meetings held separately with members of the Culiacán Ecological Park Defense Commission and the Sinaloa Botanical and Zoological Society.

The sessions took place this Tuesday in the foyer of the state congress hall.

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President Giovanna Morachis Paperini and alternate members Viridiana Camacho Millán and Nela Rosiely Sánchez Sánchez and alternate Ambrocio Chávez Chávez attended on behalf of the Ecology and Sustainable Development Commission.

On behalf of the Political Coordination Committee, MP Feliciano Castro Meléndrez, President, and MPs Alba Virgen Montes Álvarez, María Guadalupe Cázares Gallegos, Celia Jáuregui Ibarra and MPs Gene René Bojórquez Ruiz and Ricardo Madrid Pérez took part.

Deputy Cinthia Valenzuela Langarica also attended.

The President of the Political Coordination Council, Feliciano Castro Meléndrez, pointed out that it is the conviction of the State Congress that rivers, bodies of water, trees, gardens and parks are the city’s heritage and open to all.

He specified that these spaces must be open to people, to people who do not have the opportunity to visit some spaces where they charge.

“We must defend all these spaces as the heritage of all. We do not share the privatization of these spaces,” she stressed.

The President of the Ecology and Sustainable Development Commission, Giovanna Morachis Paperini, added that green spaces are meeting points and points of dialogue.

There are more than 2,000 parks, gardens, green spaces and plazas in Sinaloa.

In the case of Culiacán, he pointed out that an iconic place is the Botanical Garden, created by decree in 1998, where Culiacán families meet to live together and relax surrounded by nature.

He recalled that a construction project called “Sendero” had started in this space, but clarified that according to information from the Secretariat for Sustainable Development, it had already been cancelled.

MP Gene René Bojórquez Ruiz added that MPs and deputies should preserve public spaces for the benefit of society and free of charge.

He also stressed that Congress has the widest opening to listen to all voices, on the premise that the people of Culiacan will benefit.

MP Ricardo Madrid Pérez also stated that the State Congress listens to all voices, proposals and arguments.

The commitment, he said, is to be stewards of social improvements for the heritage of communities and the country.

MP Ambrocio Chávez Chávez also spoke out in favor of all public spaces being freely accessible and not being privatized.

Sinaloan families should be free to enjoy the great outdoors, he said.

In the same way, he affirmed that Congress has an obligation to listen to all voices in order to take care of the mood of the citizens.

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MP Cinthia Valenzuela emphasized that the botanical garden creates a good perception and reiterated that the State Congress is open to listening to all voices, always striving to further advance the well-being and sustainable development of Sinaloa.


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