Living Earth is the solution


Our body is essentially made up of earth and water. The quality of our soil and water determines the quality of our food, our bodies and our lives. It is an unfortunate reality that in the last two generations – approximately sixty to eighty years – we have seriously affected the quality of water and soil on this planet. We’ve drained the soil, our whole body, and we’re slowly making it lifeless. You would have heard of a dodo extinction or a dinosaur extinction, but now let’s talk about the soil extinction. Soil microbial life, which largely exists in the first nine inches of topsoil, has declined. If there is no life in the soil, none of the crops will come up. There is enough scientific data to show that we only have eighty to one hundred crops of agricultural soil left on this planet – forty-five to sixty years at most, after which a serious food crisis on the planet is inevitable.

Serious depletion of the soil means depletion of all life. Insect biomass has declined by eighty percent over the past thirty years. In the last fifty years, sixty percent of the planet’s vertebrate population has disappeared. There are many more such stats that look like the end of the world. We, the last two generations, have done this. With the industrial scale of farming and the irresponsible industrial habits we have developed, we have damaged the soil. We must keep the soil alive, alive and full of life. Only then does it nourish our life and every other life.

The real ecological problem

I’ve often been asked, “What are the three most important things the world should focus on in order to undo the damage that has been done to the environment over the past 100 years?” I say, “The three things are Earth , earth and earth.”

We talk about many different topics. We’re talking about carbon emissions, pollution at different levels. Right now there is a misunderstanding in the world where civic concerns are projected as environmental concerns. If plastic bags are floating around in your city, it’s not an ecological problem, it’s a civic problem. This can be remedied with law enforcement and a little awareness. If our rivers are polluted, they can be fixed in a year or two if you put in place the necessary treatment plants and enforce the law. We mark our irresponsible actions in the world as an ecological problem. The real ecological problem is the soil. When the soil is rich there will be water. If the soil is rich and there is enough vegetation on it, the air will be purified.

Our attention must be on the ground. As part of this we are unfolding a movement called Conscious Planet. Right now it looks like climate change and ecology are the playgrounds of the rich and elite. That needs to change. Individuals should become aware of the danger we face. Ecological issues must become campaign issues. Governments must be elected because of their concern for ecological issues.

Through Conscious Planet we see how we can engage a large segment of the electorate in all democratic nations to take a conscious approach to how we steward, rejuvenate and revitalize our soil. The most important thing is to create a conscious planet.

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Published on: Sunday February 27, 2022 12:03 PM IST


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