Elopement wedding expert from New York City tells the beans about the wedding industry in the Big Apple


In her amazing book, How to Elope in New York City, Wedding Guru & Spiritual Advisor Veronica Moya gives an inside look at getting married in the Big Apple and shares tips and suggestions for every aspect of elope. Veronica draws on her life experiences to combine a humorous story with practical insights into planning a memorable wedding in New York City.

New York, New York, United States – Veronica Moya is pleased to announce the publication of her book, How to Elope in New York City. The book is packed with resources to help readers plan a glamorous New York City wedding for a fraction of the price. It reveals all the mysteries of micro weddings from the super adventurous to the steadfast standards that will keep readers hooked to the end. The fascinating guide reflects the author’s natural insight and rich wisdom and experience in organizing thousands of memorable NYC weddings. The author has brought her extensive experience as a micro wedding expert to writing and curating this remarkable guide. The book hits shelves on April 9thth 2022.

Dedicating this masterpiece to her readers, Veronica Moya said, “With thousands of weddings under my belt, I can offer you objective advice on what to expect in an elopement wedding, what to look for, what to skip, and what you absolutely should do.” has to make everything run smoothly like a silky white dress. After eloping in Central Park with my second husband, I’ve seen and experienced it all from both sides of the altar. I’m going to share my own elopement wedding mistakes that I learned everything from and incorporated into this book.”

This book is unlike any other wedding planning guide on the market. Veronica knows firsthand all the different things that most people don’t consider when planning their wedding. She really goes into all the specifics, the do’s and don’ts for a hassle free wedding day.

In this book you will discover:

* How to get the required legal documents without leaving your home

* Secrets of micro weddings from the super adventurers to the steadfast standards

* How to find the best wedding vendors without paying full price

* Tell-all guide to top wedding locations, New York City attractions and Central Park

* Dozens of valuable “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to micro wedding planning

* Expert hacks and tips you won’t hear anywhere else

* How to do it yourself without losing your sanity or your friends

* The must-haves and the don’t-boys for your micro wedding

* Stress-free solutions for dealing with difficulties: weather, traffic, crowds, delay, even emotional family members.

Veronica is a prolific writer who eloquently captured all the details in creating this ultimate guide to a New York City wedding. Readers will appreciate the book for its humor, authenticity, and belonging. The author has used her education, career and life experience extensively to craft the content of the book that will resonate with readers.

Book lovers, and especially couples desiring a magical New York City wedding, will be enlightened and empowered by the information shared in this book.

About the author

Veronica Moya is a highly intuitive maid of honor, spiritual teacher and speaker. Veronica’s strong empathy and predictive skills have allowed her to grow as an entrepreneur. Over the past five years, Veronica has emerged as a dominant leader in the industry Micro wedding industry in New York City after founding the city’s fastest growing elopement company, Wedding Package NYCand the first ever Vegas-style wedding chapel on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Love Chapel NYCalong with her husband who has gained international recognition.

Rightfully named in Yahoo News’ Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Watch Out 2021, Veronica’s journey of helping people live more fulfilling and happier lives began at just 17 years old after living in her native Buenos Aires, Argentina. founded an entertainment company for children. Following her life purpose of helping young people become fearless and confident by helping them to go within and connect with their true selves, she also teaches meditation and psychic development classes for teenagers and children aged nine and up. She was previously a faculty member at the Omega Institute for Holist Studies, the Edgar Cayce Center, and the Meta Center in New York City.

To date, she has authored countless articles for holistic publications and has been featured by some of the world’s leading news organizations, including the New York Times, the Financial Times, the American Reporter and the New York Post, and on E Entertainment News, Fox News and NBC. Veronica lives in New York City with her husband Bradley Lau. She enjoys ice skating, ballet classes and singing.

How to elope in New York City‘ is now available online at Amazon.

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