Step by step we are approaching the goal of swimming Izmir Bay

İzmir Bay is gradually approaching swimming again

İZSU Directorate-General continues its work in line with the aim of making Izmir Bay buoyant again and monitoring the change of Izmir Bay in the light of scientific data within the oceanographic monitoring project carried out with TUBITAK.

İZSU General Directorate of Izmir Municipality is continuing its studies in the Gulf within the Izmir Bay Oceanographic Monitoring Project, which is being carried out in cooperation with the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).

A team of 17 experts is participating in the project, which is the first system in Turkey that monitors water quality through observation and modelling. Scientists who go to the Gulf with the TÜBİTAK Marmara ship measure the physical, chemical, biological and microbiological quality of the water four times a year, once each season. Thanks to this method, water changes and ecological developments can be controlled. As part of the two-year project, observations will be made in the discharge area of ​​the Mordoğan sewage treatment plant, which will go into operation in 2022, as well as seasonal sampling at 3 stations, a total of 39 stations, in the Bay of Izmir and 9 stations each in the bays of Yeni Foça and Seferihisar Akarca. For the first time this year, monthly sampling will be carried out from the main rivers flowing into İzmir Bay, such as Ağıl, AOSB, Cheesecioğlu, Bostanlı, Ilıca, Bornova, Meles, Manda, Poligon and Hacıahmet, as well as from the points where the Gediz river meets the sea. This gives more precise information about the dirt load entering the bay and the sediment transport. The project, which costs 3 million 400 thousand lire, also offers the opportunity to observe underwater life. The project will take underwater photographs at 12 different locations to support the scientific investigation and will also observe the impact of the sewage treatment plants on their regions.

Sampling will also take place at the point where the Gediz River meets the Gulf.

Fisheries Engineer Senem Karabağlı, who works at İZSU General Directorate Körfez Branch Directorate, said: “TUBITAK will take samples from 57 stations for 4 seasons. It will also take underwater pictures. We’ve followed recovery efforts in the Gulf for more than 20 years. This year, for the first time, monthly samples will be taken from the ten main rivers that flow into the bay and the point at which the Gediz River flows into the bay and analyzed by TUBITAK. We are gradually approaching the goal of a swimming bay,” he said.

Target swimmable gulf

Bora Sonuvar, Hydrograph Geology Engineer at İZSU General Directorate, Gulf Branch, explained that they conducted the first sampling in 2022 and said: “İzmir Bay has a depth of about 67 kilometers and stretches from the open sea to the sea Country. 12 kilometers of it form our inner gulf. Izmir Bay is divided into three parts: outer, middle and inner gulfs. Within this holism, the research vessel TUBITAK Marmara will also take measurements both in the water column and in the sediment. Physical and biochemical evaluations are carried out by taking samples at fixed stations. Marine life in the water column and main water bodies is assessed. İZSU General Directorate studies vitality in the bay in the light of scientific data. It is evaluated from the top of the food chain down to the bottom of marine life, including unicellular organisms. We support these observations through our Metoo Oceanographic Stations. We have 24/7 access to all reports and data that we have received from measurements.”


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