Elon Musk of climate change activist and scientist Dr. Charlie Gardner mocked for ‘the dumbest idea ever’


Elon Musk of climate change activist and scientist Dr.  Charlie Gardner mocked for 'the dumbest idea ever'

We are no strangers to the fact that Elon Musk dreams of sending humans to Mars. He also dreams of populating Mars and turning it into a surrogate planet for us. The billionaire claims there is a possibility of the process starting in a few years. However, scientists around the world have been surprised by its “boldness,” calling it the dumbest idea ever.

Elon hints to the world that in the next 5 to 10 years he sees SpaceX sending humans to Mars. But when he says that he thinks the preservation of the earth lies in our removal from the planet, he receives numerous replies and ridicule from conservation scientists.

Elon Musk mocked by scientists for ‘the dumbest idea ever’

In a recent tweet, the billionaire explains that in order to protect the earth from “disasters,” we must flee from her as soon as possible.

“Making life multiplanetary expands the scope and scale of consciousness. It also allows us to secure the biosphere. Protect all life as we know it from catastrophe on earth. Humanity is the custodian of life as no other species can transport life to Mars. We cannot abandon them.”

The first to respond and express how ridiculous that sounds is researcher and climate change activist Dr. Charlie Gardner. dr Garner is also the author of The Guardian and The Ecologist, with a domain right in the conservation arena.

“In my 25-year career as a conservation scientist, I’ve never heard anyone suggest securing the biosphere by shipping everything to Mars as a strategy to conserve Earth’s life forms. Maybe the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” – he tweeted.

He also shares another tweet on the same topic a day later. He simplifies things by comparing them to something we can better understand.

“Focusing on sending biodiversity to Mars instead of sustaining it on Earth is like starving your children while investing in a space capsule for your frozen sperm.” – he says in the latter tweet.

Although the second tweet is not a direct response to Elon, we can easily connect it to Elon’s latest tweets. Elon wouldn’t be what he is if his mind didn’t produce such “crazy” ideas.

The billionaire’s net worth is well over $200 billion. He tries to spend a large amount of it to make humans multiplanetary species. However, the first one we know. In a past tweet, he even has this picture of us populating Mars fully in his head. He wants to build 1000 spaceships that will transport people to the red planet. A kind of modern “Noah’s Ark”.

Elon wants to find a solution to a problem that will be a reality in more than 500 million years and build Elon’s Ark. But conservation scientists are urging him to focus on the present. On the only planet we have at the moment.

Having big dreams and a futuristic mind is something to wish for. However, for now it seems more appropriate to preserve the Earth as we know it and invest in solutions that could help with the ongoing crisis. We need something that will immediately improve life on earth. We still don’t need an escape location.


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