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To defend the work, there are several ways to analyze traffic on the site.

  • One possibility has to do with page visits or landing pages. In the last 90 days to 16 weeks, around the time of some college courses, I’ve actually done better than expected.
  • I wanted to share some highlights but I’m not sure if the time has passed.
  • I guess it’s proprietary.
  • Maybe I could offer some focused readings without being too weird.
  • A couple of ecumenical scholars have offered to do this for me in order to advance me to a research doctorate.
  • Academic and church groups are also talking about great work in my field, maybe even as part of their residencies.

Beyond all of that, there are ways and means I don’t know about.

So I’m categorizing this article as “In Dialogue” and “Through the City” because some of the articles from our time in the region are still doing extremely well, unfortunately for those who like criticism. I’m not necessarily self-deprecating. I may not be presumptuous, but I’m not afraid to defend the work.

I was going to write it on Patheos but I guess I need to read a bit more

I’m using an older device that I haven’t used in a long time, an old iPad for prep work on the go today.

Excerpts from the audio report

There are a few different types of analysis, trying not to start too scientifically. Sometimes I feel like I’m being too scholarly and other times I feel like I’m just communicating.

Landing pages of the last 16 weeks

Some things have changed in recent years, but 90 days to 16 weeks were common for school and college courses.

These are the top pages for analytics.

The goal isn’t to get an A every time, right?

Working for different crews, consistency was one value I exuded and there were others such as sincerity and a sense of happiness. Sometimes I was questioned about these ideals by those at the same level and up the chains (perhaps interwoven chains of command).

I’m listening to this playlist right now. I cannot repeat all of these conversations and articles. All you have to do is listen to the audio above and it may not be available for long, maybe. There is an area below where I offer a transcription of what I said above just for fun because I might need some new ones. I don’t know, but I go jogging (hiking in a way) a lot and I’m doing a lot of steps here, just relax. Read it as you wish, “…I don’t care” (an old, unsavory quote from a TV game show). There are plenty of Scriptures in the articles I review, so please do not look for the quote on Netflix or in your library of National Geographic magazines. You would be a little off. I’m sorry for taking the time to defend the work.

It is copyrighted and often the questioners will defend the work I offer

In my personal opinion, when someone clearly sees their values, even if authenticity is perhaps an overused term, it is noticeable

I don’t know if it’s a spiritual thing, or an activity of the Holy Spirit, or a combination of all sorts of sensual gifts that He instills in anyone just waiting to thrive.

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There were some people who didn’t agree;

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but I promised to keep you updated with his posts and he’s done a phenomenal job. He actually reworked his resume into an experiential resume. I think it’s only two pages long; and it’s like heels and everything; and it helped get his foot back in the door; with something like a really good working environment. So, um;

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So I am sure you will make a good choice.


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