This Swedish hotel is saving the local bird population


This Swedish hotel is saving the local bird population

The accommodation facility welcomes both human and bird guests – the latter, of course, stay for free

The Biosphere room is the latest creative addition to the tree hotel concept, that strives to integrate modern and comfortable accommodation in the heart of Swedish nature. Located in the far north of the country in the Lapland region, not far from the Arctic Circle, the biosphere is a sphere suspended in the air covered with hundreds of birdhouses.

However, this design is more than just a quirky decision — it aims to boost declining populations of local birds. And from June 2022, it will welcome both people and birds.

Tourism solution that addresses a local problem

The biosphere represents the 8thth Rooms of the Treehotel, which is located in the wooded area of ​​the village of Harads, about 100 kilometers from Luleå Airport. Similar to the other room, it was designed by renowned Nordic architects – this time the commission went to the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) from Denmark.

The architects only looked beyond the aesthetics. The 34 m2 Accessible via a suspension bridge, space literally transports you to another and more bird-like world, high up among the treetops.

The façade contains 350 birdhouses, which is both a message and a solution. Because of forestry, Sweden’s forests have shrunk, leading to a decline in bird populations.

Now that the biosphere is here, at least some shelter is guaranteed for the forest’s feathered denizens.

The head of the Norrbotten Ornithological Association worked with the design to ensure the aviary’s placement maximizes its attractiveness to animals while minimizing the impact of unpleasant side effects such as droppings and unwanted noise for human guests.

Those who stay in the room will still enjoy excellent amenities and comfort thanks to features such as an incinerator toilet, a sustainable water system, a shower, a sauna and a roof terrace with 360 degree views.


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