National Marine Week celebrates Britain’s ‘coastal superheroes’


The Wildlife Trusts are celebrating Britain’s coastal superheroes for National Marine Week from 24 July to 8 August.

This year’s theme sheds light on the extraordinary sea creatures and plants that are helping fight climate change and water pollution, or possess amazing powers to help them survive. Wildlife from the thresher shark to the globule anemone and grayling butterfly to the ruffled octopus have been identified as superheroes.

The UK has 17,800km of windswept coastline, never more than 120km from anywhere. The Wildlife Trusts are inviting the public to join them on the coast this summer and spot incredible sea creatures, try your hand at rock pool walks or help with a beach clean up to protect marine wildlife at many of the free events held throughout July and August Tobe offered.

The UK is home to a huge array of wondrous marine life, which is celebrated during National Marine Week (Cathy Lewis / The Wildlife Trusts).

Liz Bonnin, President of The Wildlife Trusts, said: “Our marine environment is simply extraordinary: a stunning, interconnected network of habitats with species living in finely tuned balances with one another, together contributing to the health of the planet in myriad ways – from the Regulating weather patterns and climate to maintaining productive food webs.

“Seeing what nature is capable of is incredibly humbling and I have never been happier than by the sea – of course that sense of well-being is another of nature’s precious gifts. As stewards of the planet, it is our responsibility to cherish it and protect our oceans so that we humans can thrive when they are allowed to thrive.”

dr Lissa Batey, Head of Marine Conservation at The Wildlife Trusts, added: “This summer we want people to have fun observing the coastal wildlife whilst heading to the beach and have fun looking for our amazing ones have sea superheroes. Please be careful not to disturb the birds. Seals and other wildlife by keeping your distance and dogs on a short leash.

“The free sea activities are an opportunity to get involved in the work of The Wildlife Trusts, learn how to protect the amazing creatures that inhabit the coast and relax to the sound of the sea on holiday.”

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