Rare Antique Dinosaur ‘Gorgosaurus’ Skeleton Sold for $6M to an Unknown Buyer in the US


A remarkable prehistoric dinosaur fossil has already been purchased in the US for just over $6 million to an unnamed bidder.

The ancient dinosaur ‘Gorgosaurus’

The fossil remains were abandoned by Sotheby’s and will be auctioned off Thursday at the company’s recent Biological Heritage Sale in New York City, according to BBC News.

The specimen was recently discovered in 2018 and is that of a Gorgosaurus, a relative of the infamous and deadly Tyrannosaurus rex family. The unidentified winning bidder would have a unique chance to give the former Apex creature a stage name.

Sotheby’s has sold a fossilized dinosaur scaffold for the second attempt, while Sue, a T-Rex, was bought to Chicago’s Field Museum in 1997 for $8.36 million. The Gorgosaurus was expected to fetch up to $8 million in bids.

It is the first instance of its kind to also be released for independent ownership. There are only 20 different species as if it’s supposed to be found everywhere in the biosphere.

The Gorgosaurus, like the T-Rex, inhabited Earth some 77 billion if not millions of years ago, and even had a massive skull, a heaping spoonful of curved, sharp blades, and short two-fingered front claws.

According to CBS News, while Sotheby’s was much smaller than its fossil cousins, it was much faster, stronger and more powerful, and had a firmer nibble optimized for slicing through dense tissue and penetrating its food source.

The dinosaur was recently found on private property in Montana, USA. It is 22 feet wide and 10 feet high, with 79 bone components. While the nickname of the Gorgosaurus skeleton has yet to be officially confirmed, Gorgeous George has emerged as a tall and powerful candidate among Sotheby’s supporters on social media.

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$6 million worth of dinosaur bones

An entire T-Rex anchored molar that cost just over $100,000, a Triceratops skull that went on to sell for $661,500, and a saber-toothed tiger skull were also up for sale Thursday.

The world’s highest value for archaeological finds is $31.8 million (£24.6 million) paid to a potential investor at an auction site in 2020. Some other specialists are particularly concerned about the black market sale of dinosaur remains.

Additionally, as David Polly, an Indiana University lecturer and former head of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, noted, a skeletal system like this is something of the common evolutionary biology, a relic of Earth’s history that matters to all else, TBS News updated .

Experts further believe that all of these fossil finds should be held in escrow for researchers and a variety of others to study, search, and value.

According to Gregory M. Erickson, a senior associate professor of vertebrate anatomy and paleobiology at Florida State University, the acquisition sends a signal that these are specific goods or services that can actually be bought for money, not for scientific purposes .

However, experts claim that the purchases, as well as the advertisements around them, are a result of our Dinomania lifestyle. Enthusiasts are fascinated by dinosaurs from childhood; Therefore, experts understand why people collect fossils, Yahoo reported.

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