This country produces more cranberries than any other in the world


If you guessed that concentrated cranberries were grown somewhere in North America, you’re right. The United States is a leader in the production of “craneberries”. an earlier name for the berry due to its shape, which resembles a crane’s head and beak ocean spray. insider explains that since 1933, Ocean Spray has been a farming cooperative managing 700 farming families across America, Canada and Chile who collectively own the brand and harvest 220 billion cranberries annually. That’s the equivalent of about 88 million cans of cranberry sauce and 223 million bottles of cranberry juice.

Cranberry cultivation is thriving in five states Cranberries from the USA, with Wisconsin producing 61% of US cranberries, Massachusetts 26%, and New Jersey, Washington State, and Oregon together providing 13%. On the world stage, the United States supplies about half of the world’s cranberry production, followed by Canada and Chile.

It’s no wonder cranberries thrive in the United States, as they’re just one of three fruits native to North America, according to Ocean Spray. Indigenous Native Americans first grew cranberries and used them as survival food, in poultices to extract toxins, and as a dye for clothing, bedding, and flooring. Now, Americans consume 400 million pounds of cranberries annually, and a line of North American cranberries would reportedly make 565 trips from Boston to Los Angeles (according to Ocean Spray).


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