BC’s Northern Region is Officially a Biosphere-Certified Destination – Prince George Daily News


Clint Fraser

Northern BC Tourism has received Biosphere Certified Destination status from the Responsible Tourism Institute.

Northern BC Tourism has earned this status, one of only 35 worldwide and only five in Canada, by demonstrating its commitment to the growth and development of the region’s tourism sector in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals .

The certification is based on established standards in areas such as climate change, environment,
Social, economic and cultural – and guarantees compliance and continuous improvement through a
private, voluntary and independent certification system – which is evaluated annually. That
Certification allows a region to show how seriously it takes sustainability, but also ensures that this is the case
are responsible for making necessary and continuous improvements.

Northern BC Tourism Association following the strategic directions set out in the 10 Year Destination
Development strategy, recognized the need for sustainability in all aspects of
Destination stewardship work across the region.

“The NBCTA team has been focused on moving the region forward and promoting sustainability
all aspects of destination development and thanks to our joint efforts with regional partners and
stakeholders, we have taken this first step as an internationally recognized sustainable company
Destination,” said Clint Fraser, CEO of NBCTA, “this award supports and validates our commitment
to ensure the sustainable improvement of the tourism sector in North BC.”

Biosphere destinations are committed to continuous improvement, guided by the 17 sustainable
United Nations development goals and include combating climate change, protection
the environment, supporting economic growth and respecting cultural and social values.
As part of its commitment to the biosphere, NBCTA will release resources to stakeholders for support
Biosphere Sustainability Goals. To learn more about the resources and programs
Destination Stewardship www.travelnbc.com/destination-stewardship/


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