Why should Dhanushkodi, the last village in South India, be on your bucket list?


Dhanushkodi: A hidden natural beauty in the whiskers of South India, Dhanushkodi is the last Indian city. Although not densely populated, it is still overrun with tourists as it is a fascinating road that takes us to the top of India. Technically, Dhanushkodi is on the southern tip of Pamban island in Tamil Nadu. With its fascinating stories, beautiful destinations and scenic beauty, it is a spectacular place that must be visited at least once in a lifetime.Also Read – Explained: What are Yellow Mad Ants Leaving Snakes Dead and Causing Cattle to Go Blind in Tamil Nadu?

Though hailed as an iconic travel destination, it’s also known as a ghost town that’s now deserted. No, not because of a scary event. This quaint little village was hit by a deadly hurricane in 1964, leaving the place barren of the lively population. What remains are the ruins. Also read – In THIS state you can be handed over to the police for staring at women on the bus

The reason this is called the last village in South India is because it is situated at the tip of the island of Pamban which is separated by the Palk Strait. Beyond lies the azure waters of the Bay of Bengal and further ahead lies Sri Lanka. Also Read – Tamil Nadu: Electricity Tariff for Electric Crematoria Triples

History of Dhanushkodi

Speaking of the name, it literally translates as “end of the arch”, very similar to how it is also the end of Indian land. According to the famous legend of the Ramayana, Lord Rama designated this place to begin the construction of Ramsetu – a bridge of floating stones that connected to Lanka. It was supposedly built to bring back his wife Sita.

Attractions in Dhanushkodi

Pamban Island

This place will melt your heart with the wide horizon of the deep blue sea. It is only about 20 km away from Dhanushkodi which will offer you nothing but countless memories. One has to cross the famous Pamban Bridge to reach this place. Overlooking the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, Pamban Island is also home to the much-visited Rameswaram. It is known for its legends from the Ramayana.

Adam’s Bridge

Get ready for a series of breathtaking moments on this 50 km long route and 3 km wide bridge. . The Adma Bridge starts in India and ends in Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. This is an ancient bridge believed to be the very bridge built by the army of Rama. Although there is much controversy surrounding the legendary place, it is a blissful experience to be here.

Gulf of Mannar, Marine National Park

The archipelago of 21 islands is breathtakingly beautiful and will fill your gallery. Interestingly, it was the first biosphere established in the country. This marine national park comprises 21 islands and forms the third largest of the world’s oceanic divisions. It hosts countless species in the aquatic system and is one of the richest biosphere reserves. Another unique thing about this place is that it has 3 aquatic ecosystems namely the coral reef, seagrass and mangrove, but it is also home to salt marshes and specific algae communities. The various estuaries, beaches and forests in the park add to its beauty and showcase nature in all its glory.

Dhanushkodi Beach

After a great exploring of Dhanushkodi, this is the place you want to find solace. It’s a white sand beach that enjoys the tranquility of the waves pounding the shore amidst the fearful populace. It’s the perfect end to your holiday here. A walk on this beach with a view of the horizon is a wholesome experience.

How to reach

By plane: Arriving by plane might be a bit of a hassle as the nearest airport is about 190-200 km away in Madurai.

In the street – Road trips to Dhanushkodi will be exemplary as there are well connected routes. Buses are available at regular intervals from Rameswaram.

By train – Again the nearest railway station would be Rameswaram and this is around 18-20 km from Dhanushkodi. It is relatively easier that air travel as well as attached buses can be boarded from Rameswaram.

Dhanushkodi is the final destination in South India. A city away from the hustle and bustle; What could be a better place to relax than the last village in India?

Embark on this beautiful journey to the end of the arch!


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