The best cave mods of minecraft from 2022

A new dungeon from the Extended Caves mod (Image via Minecraft)
A new dungeon from the Extended Caves mod (Image via Minecraft)

The caves of Minecraft are one of the most recognizable parts of the game for a large portion of the player base. There have been several changes to the way caves are generated over time, the most recent being the cave and cliff updates which added new cave biomes.

Below are the top five mods available for Minecraft as of 2022 that will completely remodel or upgrade caves as a whole or specific parts of caves, such as mine shafts, dungeons, and canyons.

5 Minecraft mods that add loot, structures and more to caves

5) Expanded caves

The Extended Caves mod is a mod by Polyvalord. It aims to make caves more interesting by adding additional loot, plants, and even some structures.

For example, caves are filled with different pots, and similar to The Legend of Zelda, these pots can be broken by players to get loot. There are two types of pots, with clay pots being common and quartz pots being rare.

Four different new mushrooms have been added to the game, with sweet mushrooms being a food source. Gold Mushrooms are edible mushrooms that grant Haste I, and Shiny Mushrooms grant players Haste II. They can also be combined in Sticky Stew, and when consumed grant players Haste III. The lumishroom is a mushroom that exists as a light source.

There is also a custom dungeon and three different huts within the mod, all containing treasure pots for adventurous players.

4) YUNG’s better mine shafts

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The first of several YUNGNICKYOUNG mods featured on this list is YUNG’s Better Mineshafts. This mod completely reworks the vanilla mineshafts. Vanilla mineshafts are simple interconnected straight lines, but YUNG’s mineshafts are dynamic webs of different tunnels that are more confusing to navigate than vanilla mineshafts.

There are a total of 12 different mineshaft biome variants with a fully customizable configuration file within the mod allowing players to customize the experience to suit their needs. There are also new structures added to the mine shafts, such as abandoned workspaces and basements.

3) YUNG’s better dungeons

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One of the most recognizable structures in the game, especially for players who played the game before many of the more modern structures were added, is the classic dungeon. These are cubic structures of mossy cobblestone with a mob spawner in the center and a chest or two.

However, the mod completely overhauls dungeons and adds three entirely new types of dungeons: Catacombs, Undead Fortresses, and Spider Lairs.

2) Extended mining dimension

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This mod by henkelmax is perfect for gamers who mostly enjoy the mining part of Minecraft. The Advanced Mining Dimension Mod adds a new dimension to Minecraft made entirely of caves.

This means players can mine and explore to their heart’s content. Bringing a few saplings back means players won’t have to return to the overworld for long, provided they’re willing to dig spots big enough to grow trees and are willing to wait for those trees to grow .

The mod doesn’t add or change anything about how caves are generated. It simply allows players to have infinite caves and a dimension specialized in them. So players wanting a cave overhaul should look elsewhere.

1) YUNG’s better caves

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Better Caves is the latest and probably the most iconic of YUNG’s overhaul mods. The mod is effectively a community-made Caves and Cliffs update. The mod has completely reworked caves, making them small, humble tunnels near the surface that balloon out into insane mazes as players go deeper.

There are many new types of caves including lava caves, underground lakes and rivers, flooded caves and more. The mod also comes with a detailed and extensive configuration file, meaning players can truly personalize the experience. The icing on the cake is that all of YUNG’s mods work together, allowing the entire underground of Minecraft to be reworked.

There’s a reason YUNG’s name appears three times on this list. They know what they are doing and make some of the best mods for Minecraft.

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