What keeps spiders out of the house


6:30 am, September 15, 2022

Have you noticed more spiders than usual in your home?

The eight-legged beasts are making their way inside ahead of the colder weather.

And to make matters worse for spider phobes, mating season is underway.

A spider spotted in a Norfolk home as mating season began for our eight-legged friends
– Photo credit: Anne-Marie Martyn

Spiders will be more active than usual over the next month, and more are being spotted indoors as they seek warmer environments to breed, experts say.

Entomology expert Dr. Ian Bedford said: “Spiders live all year round but at this time of year and as we head towards autumn they become fully grown which means they are easier to spot.

“They are also preparing to mate at this time of year, so will be more active and will be more noticeable outdoors and in our homes.”

Spiders are at their largest and most active at this time of year as the males are looking for a female to mate with

Spiders are at their largest and most active at this time of year as the males are looking for a female to mate with
– Credit: Jimmy Kemp

This is bad news for people with arachnophobia, but keeping them around does more good than harm.

Spider expert and enthusiast Dr. Geoff Oxford added: “Spiders do an excellent job as a natural insecticide and provide food for numerous other organisms – mammals, reptiles, amphibians, predatory insects and birds,” enthuses Oxford.

“Their venom is increasingly being studied as a source of natural insecticides, and their silk can be used in medicine, for example as scaffolding for artificial joints. The sheer aesthetic beauty of the spiders themselves and their webs goes without saying.”

Are there ways to keep spiders out of your home?

If you’re not convinced and can’t let spiders into your home, there are some things you can do to keep them at bay and keep them unharmed.

  • Seal Windows and Doors – DIY sealants are useful for blocking small crevices around doors and windows.
  • Keep Your House Clean – Spiders thrive in the damp and darkness, so a clean house might discourage them from venturing inside.
  • Let in more natural light – Keeping blinds open might help keep the critters out
  • Citrus fruits have historically been considered spider repellents. While there’s no scientific evidence for this, it’s worth a try and a simple spray can be made by mixing a few drops of citrus juice with water.
  • If you spot a spider, use a mug and a piece of cardboard to catch it, pick it up, and take it outside unharmed.

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