Sartell officials discuss traffic issues at County Road 1 project


SARTELL – The County Road 1 rehabilitation project in Sartell is nearing the home stretch.

According to the city administration, the project should be completed by mid-November.

During Monday night’s city council meeting, the council discussed what to do with the traffic problems the project is causing in the mornings and afternoons along Pinecone Road.

city ​​engineer April Ryan says they are doing everything they can to alleviate the traffic problems.

We had staff on site every day monitoring traffic flow and adjusting traffic lights, but the project just directs a lot of traffic onto Pinecone. We’re constantly making adjustments and doing what we can.

Earlier this month, the city reopened the portion of the roadway between 5th Street North and 12th Street North, but the roadway, which would help solve traffic problems, remains closed between Sartell Street and 5th Street North.

Ryan says they are evaluating their options to try and expedite this part of the project.

We talked about finishing the pavement and then working on the project outside of the pavement like the trail and restoration. But that becomes a safety concern for workers and slows down the timeline for completing the project.

City officials say they understand the frustrations surrounding this project and continue to ask for patience while they work to find alternatives until the project is complete.

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