Funding secured for another four years and new roles available


Community Action Isle of Wight is pleased to announce that their Resilience project has received four more years of National Lottery funding to continue its work on the Isle of Wight.

This new phase of the Resilience project will begin on November 1st, 2022 and in preparation, Community Action is currently recruiting for this project as well as a number of other roles (see below).

Main features of the project
A project that began as a community response to the impact of Covid 19 has continued to grow and evolve since its inception in 2020.

Image: markus spiske under CC BY 2.0

Resilience at the Heart of Isle of Wight Communities will continue the community work already established, but key features of our new project will work alongside the Isle of Wight’s cultural strategy, UNESCO Biosphere designation and the promotion of healthy and positive lifestyles.

The UNESCO Biosphere
The UNESCO biosphere designation celebrates the Isle of Wight’s unique environment and ecosystems and has three main purposes:

  • Protection and promotion of biological and cultural diversity.
  • To use these special qualities of the place to enable a better life for the people who live there.
  • Exchange of information and opportunity to participate in the Biosphere project.
Group of people walking through the forest
Image: kitera dent under CC BY 2.0

What does the project bring?
During the proposed four-year duration, the project will deliver the following results:

  • Support geographically focused work across the island to build community capacity and infrastructure to help residents, community groups, and borough councils realize their aspirations for their local area.
  • Support the implementation of island-wide environmental, cultural and health aspirations by encouraging the engagement and participation of local groups in activities and projects that help achieve those outcomes.
  • Strengthening of individual skills, knowledge and confidence in support of community capacity and resilience at the local (township/village) level.
  • Strengthened community organizational capacity, strategic planning and partnership work at local (community/village) level.

Join the team
As the Resilience Project enters a new phase, there are several opportunities including a new Community Resilience Project coordinator as well as two Community Resilience coordinators.

Both roles are three days a week based on a full-time equivalent salary of £29,000 and £28,000 respectively.

To learn more about these roles and a range of others at Community Action, visit the website.

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Image: Key features of the project under CC BY 2.0


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