Council declares an ecological emergency for Leamington, Warwick, Kenilworth and surrounding areas


Warwick Borough Council members have agreed to develop a new Biodiversity Action Plan to stand alongside the Authority’s Climate Action Plan

Warwick District Council has declared an ecological emergency, with councilors agreeing to develop a new Biodiversity Action Plan to stand alongside the already adopted Climate Action Plan. The decision was taken at this week’s Plenary Assembly and will mean that after discussions with the Council’s own Climate Change Program Advisory Board a detailed plan will be presented to Cabinet early in the new year for the new South Warwickshire Local Plan. The council will explore opportunities to invest in the Carbon Offset Fund, work with other authorities to improve the biodiversity of areas supported by the natural water systems and develop a public awareness and education plan in partnership with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust , charities and community groups to focus on what individuals and groups can do in their own local areas.

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Residents of the new Kenilworth development have access to community facilities…

The idea was proposed as a motion by Cllr Phil Kohler (Lib Dem, Leamington Lillington), and he said urgent action is needed to address the issues we face. He said: “By declaring an ecological emergency, the urgency is recognized. This motion aims to get us on track to create a plan for our district. We have already done good work to improve biodiversity and we can build on that. “It is clear that we still have much more to do. We’re not the first to go that route, as about a fifth of councils across the country are declaring both an ecological emergency and a climate emergency, and one of the benefits is the ability to address both together – wetland restoration will not be just that improve biodiversity but can also act as a natural carbon sink. “As the saying goes, the best time to act was yesterday, the second best time is now.”

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The motion was unanimously backed and Cllr Alan Rhead (Con, Budbrooke), the climate change portfolio owner, said he was happy to support the call.

He added: “It improves what we are doing about climate change and I’m sure our officials will be looking at that with great interest. It’s also important to relate it to what we’ve already done, not just on biodiversity, but also on climate action.”


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