Brief: Mad Rabbit Trails Project threatens wildlife populations


I’m an avid mountain biker and outdoorsman who appreciates the wild beauty that is accessible throughout Routt County. After doing a lot of research on Mad Rabbit Trails project #50917, I really see both sides of the debate. Each group has its reasons and arguments. The only group that doesn’t have a say in this matter are the elk, deer and other wildlife that call the area home.

Carving a trail through winter roosts, summer roosts and calving grounds will be detrimental to moose populations and subject them to more stress than they already are. With a strong understanding of both sides of the coin, I ultimately rely on the moose and their uncertain future when I present my position that Mad Rabbit Trails Project 50917 should not be allowed. Believe me I would love to enjoy a new trail system on my doorstep. But we must now do all we can to prevent further trail development and further threats to our wildlife populations.

As a new father with a strong appreciation for nature, I want my son and his children to appreciate this amazing and wild biosphere as it now exists. Please reconsider this project completely and preserve our delicate ecosystem for future generations. Many Thanks.

Gregory Breslau

Steamboat Springs


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