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THE The manifesto of every political party in the 15th general election (GE15) should have the same title: “Pull together to win”, accompanied by a tug-of-war sketch depicting humanity on one side and climate change on the other . Unless all political parties pull together and not in contradictory ways, Malaysia is poised for a chaotic future with Doomsday Eve just 28 years from now.

A cascade of chilling climate reports were released last week. The United Nations (UN) warned that catastrophic impacts are 20 times more likely today than at the beginning of the 20th century. Countries are failing to tackle climate change, pointing the Earth to a future marked by floods, wildfires, drought, heat waves and biodiversity loss, the UN has warned. Another ten million people worldwide will face life-threatening heat waves and food and water shortages.

The UN Children’s Fund, or Unicef, said in its most recent report: “By 2050, virtually every child on earth, over two billion children, is projected to be more exposed to heat waves, regardless of whether the world achieves a low greenhouse gas emissions scenario.. .or a scenario with very high greenhouse gas emissions.”

The lancet Health Journal not only raised concerns about that
direct health consequences incl
heat-related mortality, pregnancy complications and cardiovascular diseases, but also the indirect costs
such as expanding habitats suitable for mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever or malaria.

“We see how climate change is having serious health implications around the world,” The lancet said in a statement.

The world is in a race for its last breath to ensure a future worth living, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned. According to the World Resources Institute, the current trajectory of global temperature rise is “dangerously high”.

Two recent books, Nomad Century and Climate change and the nation state, have painted a depressing scenario of a future world marked in many regions by end-of-scale weather events that exceed human adaptability. Such extremities, never before experienced, will force entire populations to attempt to flee across borders to safer countries, but climate migration of this magnitude is likely to trigger mass violence.

One of the books advocates harnessing the power of nationalism and redirecting it to full commitment to tighten the brakes on climate change. This requires that all human activities in every nation be kept within the bounds of ecology and ecology
the environment.

How environmentally friendly is Malaysian politics? The first 12 general elections from 1959 to 2008 were conducted in business-as-usual style, despite this being the time of steadily increasing climate change. What is this business-as-usual style? It is the business of race and religion that is deeply embedded in the core character of many influential political parties. One indicator of a flat trend throughout these 50 years was the consistent turnout of less than 80%.

But in 2013, a change was evident, with a turnout of almost 85%. The trend reversal was confirmed in 2018, when voter turnout remained above 80%. Will there be a new trend of concern about climate change in 2022? There are still three days until the nomination day.

Unfortunately, there is a greater likelihood that our political parties will go to the polls as if they were going to war or stepping into a gladiatorial arena. Three years ago, MPs banged the war drums in the Dewan Rakyat. During one session, MPs shouted that if one side declared war, the other side would welcome war. MPs receive a daily attendance allowance of RM500 on top of their enormous monthly salaries.

Last week, a Mentri Besar rebuffed the challenge of heavyweight opponents with the buoyant claim that his party’s electoral machinery would “kill” them. Such war talks betray
the troubling fact that Malaysian politicians are stuck in gladiatorial combat, oblivious to the hostile systemic changes taking place in nature. Climate change is a demonstration of the power of all of nature.

As climate change has become a common part of our lives, a holistic approach requires that every individual and institution in Malaysia abandon the anti-natural paradigm of modern life and return to the natural-conform paradigm of forest dwellers. By all means, have a luxurious lifestyle because what matters more is your paradigm. If you only wear cotton, use paper bags instead of plastic and get your electricity from solar panels, then you are conforming to nature.

When you embrace diversity and accept that differences play a crucial role in maintaining vibrancy in human society, just as they do in a natural ecosystem, you are conforming to nature. But if you care only about promoting the welfare of your race (that’s a political term), your religion, and your political party, you’re inherently defiant. Sectarian campaigning along the lines of “Malays take care of Malays, Chinese take care of Chinese, Indians take care of Indians” has no place in ecological nationalism.

When you put your ethnicity, your religion, and your political party on a pedestal above all others, you are going against the wholeness of nature. Nature is our beloved mother and our God in action. Anyone who adheres to an anti-natural paradigm defies God, no matter the strength of their religious beliefs.

In 1750, when carbon dioxide levels in the air began to rise, no religion alerted mankind to the possibility of climate change. In the thousand years prior to 1750, CO2 levels had reached 280 parts per million. In 1960, the level reached 317 ppm and the effects of climate change were making themselves felt. Yet no religion was aware of the arrival of this new deadly phenomenon.

In 1990, the level reached 350 ppm. It is now 419 ppm. The last time atmospheric CO2 concentration reached this level was 2.5 million years ago.

Religions in the distant past helped build new civilizations. Today we must build a planet-wide ecological civilization, and in order to accomplish this task all religions must stop advancing their own interests. They should live for the good of others by forming an interfaith coalition and urging all political parties to also form a broad coalition for the unity of man with nature. In any bitter political or religious struggle for supremacy, the great and the small perish together.

Our nation must undergo transformative systemic change, and it must begin with politics and religion. Climate change is why all candidates must show a unified national identity on nomination day, rather than campaigning as Malay, Indian, Chinese or Sabah
and Sarawak Bumiputras, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists.

How does it benefit you when your favorite gladiator team wins big?
and slaughter all heavyweight opponents? Surely on Judgment Day in 2050, those at the top will be the first to fall off the cliff edge.

That writer master
Interfaith Harmony.
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