New ways to bring more festive spirit to the city of Hobart


After the Myer City of Hobart Christmas Pageant ends, the party begins.

The festive season in the city of Hobart is so much more than Santa and the ever-popular pageant.

This Saturday (November 19), the city will launch a series of initiatives aimed at showcasing Hobart’s diversity and supporting local businesses, keeping families in town while attracting a different crowd than the pageant fans.

A lively program of music, dance, crafts, food and games will explore some of the many ways in which the festive season is celebrated by different cultures, religions and countries around the world.

Some are traditional and sacred, others are fun and whimsical, with activities taking place at all locations from 1pm to 6pm, but peak times are likely to be between 1:30pm and 4pm.

Two scavenger hunts also begin on Saturday, with participants helping Santa find his lost reindeer using a podcast or visiting using clues to find shops where they are hiding.

One hunt takes place in the center of town, the other in Salamanca and on the waterfront, both ending in the central business district. Upon completion of the hunt, return the card to the last store you visited and be entered into a prize draw.

The hunts run until December 18th.

Acting Mayor of Hobart Helen Burnet said the pop-up parties bring the city alive with colour, movement, tastes and smells, while the scavenger hunt is just another reason to come to town for all your Christmas shopping .

“The City of Hobart believes the festive season is for everyone and this is a great way to celebrate diversity while energizing the capital,” said Cr Burnet.

“Join a range of Hobart’s artists and community groups representing different customs.

“They will surprise and delight you as they share their festive ways.

“The scavenger hunt is a continuation of that fun, bringing people back to town to celebrate Christmas all the time while supporting the businesses that are at the heart of our CBD.”


Elizabeth Street Mall – Pakistani Wedding with dance classes, traditional wedding stage and scenery, music, celebratory food and lots of people in traditional dress.

Midtown Apartments Plaza – Celebrations of the Colombian community with music, dance, Colombian food, a giant puppet and family fun.

Collins Court – Celebrations of the Peruvian community with traditional hot chocolate, cookies, nativity scenes, Peruvian music and alpacas.

Mawson Place and Waterfront (Brooke St Pier to PW1 Forecourt)

Itinerant performers representing:

• Ukrainian spider webs woven into trees, as is the holiday tradition in Ukraine.

• Austrian “Krampus” Bad Santa (on stilts and in costume) admonishing adults and children to be good

• According to local tradition, a German duo hangs cucumbers in trees. • Traditional celebratory dishes from Vietnam, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Nepal and Malaysia provided by community members and the chef of the Multicultural Resource Center’s catering team

• 10 x Roller Skate Santas representing Caracas where everyone dresses up as Santa and roller skates to church on Christmas Eve

• Two Spaniards challenge people to put 12 grapes in their mouths to bring good luck to their families in the New Year.

• Two acrobatic performers representing Norway, where broomsticks are hidden so the evil witch can’t fly in to steal the naughty children.

• The Ecuadorian tradition of making little straw dolls into which each family stuffs their family’s paper-written mistakes to burn on a fire at Mawson Place to purify the family before the new year begins.

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